Sonntag, 25. November 2012

dc Little red riding Hood


for this weeks drawing challenge I'd like to make a manga-gothic-vampire-style little red riding hood.
Tell me what you think about it?

So, now I'm off to see, what all the others came up with - if you like to join in, please go to our this weeks host the lovely and talented Patrice to see all the other Rotkäppchens.

Wish you a nice sunday.

... a few sketches before....

 ... and another unfinished version....

18 Kommentare:

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

she does need a bit of red off her coat shot up her veins, me thinks... ;)))
but ain't she worldly red riding hood? modern too.

Anna Vee hat gesagt…

I have really enjoyed looking at the participants versions of Little Red Riding Hood! All so different but equally magnificent.

In your illustration I particularily like her eyes. So captivating!

Elisabeth hat gesagt…

I really enjoy watching this manga girl out in the woods. I imagine the wolf might be a bit surprised, walking around looking for some tiny old-fashioned being ;)

I hope to see you again next week!

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

great interpretation of the theme
my eyes goes to
that tiny howling wolf

Patrice A.

erleichda hat gesagt…

I like her very much!
Her facial expression and the flow of the watercolours!

Have a great evening : )

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

really scary your manga-gothic-vampire-styled little red riding hood,
dearest Barbara!
A teenage interpretation :)
That howling wolf is so sweet...

x Ariane

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

Yes I suspect the wolf would be a bit surprised to see that little red riding hood- she does look "other worldly"
Well done! :)

Julia da Franca hat gesagt…

hihi, really, she looks like out of space and i love the wolf sitting on that mountain singing a song for the moon!!
love, julia

Unknown hat gesagt…

Oh I really like her! I think the wolf should be a little bit scared of her;-) I love how he sits there in the back by the way.

mano hat gesagt…

der kleine wolf und das alien-rotkäppchen! wunderbar, ich liebe deine interpretation!
herzlichst, mano

renilde hat gesagt…

i had to smile when i discovered that howling little woolf, he totally fits in with the manga-gothic rr hood and she looks hypnotized by his woolf song, she better watches out ;)

love your different approach, xx

Unknown hat gesagt…

Most unusual rendition, Barbara - I love the range of Riding Hoods we have come up with in this challenge! Great wolf, to! -sus

Stefanie Seltner hat gesagt…

ja ich finde Deine Version auch super! Der Wolf auf dem Hügel und wie sie schaut, großartig!
Das Thema Rotkäppchen gibt viel her, nicht?
Schön, dass Du Deine Skizzen zeigst!
Dir eine märchenhafte Woche

Rachel hat gesagt…

Barbara, this is wonderful!
Those big eyes as the wolf howls in the distance.
You have a way with watercolor that I am trying to learn.
Have a great day!

...tatjana... hat gesagt…

ja, etwas blutleer...aber ich mag diese version vom rotkäppchen. die geschichte ließe sich wunderbarst weiterspinnen...


sarapirat hat gesagt…

hey bee
wonderful litte red riding hood you made here!


Unknown hat gesagt…

Little Red hood girl with the big eyes of wonder..wandered into the woods until the dark wolf bit her and thus she always remained the little red hood girl..forever a girl..

Beautiful drawing..


Unknown hat gesagt…

A talent that is inspired Barbara! This has a nice light touch for being goth/manga/vamp. I think the wolf better just stay in the background providing the howling music to this wonderful scene. Little Red would eat him right up with those gorgeous big eyes and he would not be able to take one bite himself, so charmed would he be. This is a beautiful drawing (I enjoyed the preliminary sketched plans as well.) *smiles* Norma, x

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