Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016

AC/DC ☜ ☺☺☺☺ blue

Hello everyone,

Patrice is our host for this weekends art challenge  drawing challenge (AC/DC - haha!)
the theme BLUE.

Blue is the most favorite color at least in Germany 
I think because its the color of the sky and the ocean

and we accosciate with it wastenes and light

and therefore maybe with calming and relaxing

and often with hope

and the light coming together with a blue sky makes everything and every color pop 

we are living on a blue planet so its maybe no surprise that we are drawn to this color

its the atmosphere which makes our sky blue

if we would live on mars the sky would appear orange

and I wonder if then our most favorite color would be orange?

but at least the sunset on mars is blue

with no atmosphere the sky would look black...

so I think we can be really happy with our blue sky
its a good color don't you think?

For more blues go see the other entries via Patrices' site
Wish you a nice rest weekend.
Barbara - busy - bee

Montag, 25. April 2016

Alster Spaziergang

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

Hello my dear ones,

habt Ihr auch so ein Sauwetter?
Ich glaub, Weihnachten war es entschieden wärmer...

did you have  such a bad weather also?
I think Christmas it was indeed warmer ...


Obwohl wir gestern "viel" Wetter hatten und das z.T. im zügigen 
Wechsel, war ein kurzer Spaziergang an der Alster drin.

Although we had yesterday "much" weather and  in extensiveexchange, I made a short walk along the Alster.

Der Vorteil von dramatischem Wetter ist ja man hat genauso
einen dramatischen Himmel

The advantage of dramatic weather is you have justthe same amout of dramatic sky


Die Enten indes waren kein bisschen schüchtern
The ducks, however, were not the least bit shy


Enten von vorn sehen irgendwie urkomisch aus, findet ihr nicht?
Ducks from the front look kind of hilarious, don't you think?


Ja und ich war nicht die einzige, die einen Alsterspaziergang gemacht hat
Yes, and I was not the only one who has made a walk at the Alster (lake in Hamburg)

die Gänse haben schon jede Menge flauschiger niedlicher Küken
the geese have plenty of fluffy plush chicks


davon soviele, daß es eng wird, wenn alles versuchen sich unter
Mamas Rockzipfel zu verstecken.
so many that it is getting tight when everyone tries to get under
Mamas skirts to hide. 

ducks horror movie

Denn der nächste Hagel-Regen-Schauer ließ nicht lange auf sich
warten und ich musste selbst sehen, daß ich mich in Sicherheit bringe.
Because for the next hail rain showers one did not have to wait for long  
and I needed to find a safe and dry place for myself right afterwards.

Das Wetter können wir nicht ändern, aber auf die Laune haben wir
schon Einfluß, also laßt euch nicht unterkriegen.

We can't change the weather, but our mood we haveunder control, so do not let yourselves down by it.

Ich wünsche Euch eine schöne Woche!
barbara -busy - bee

I wish you a nice week!barbara -busy - bee
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