Samstag, 30. August 2014


Time to break the (summer)break and what better occasion then the drawing challenge
could be the reason for it which will be hosted this weekend by our lovely and
incredibly creative Nadine aka tiny woolf!
So here I'm and I hope you had a fine summertime meanwhile....

Japan is our theme this weekend and what comes first to my mind is SUSHI cause
I'm a total sushi adict! But then after the impression that except of tsunami and fukushima
there is no big  japanese experience in my mind it started to evoporate out of my mind
terms like cherry blossom, Samurai, martial arts, geisha, sake, kimono, Fuji, kyoto, anime,
mangas and so forth...

and of course japanese artist like one of my favorite Takashi Murakami or Yoshitomo Nara
and legendary Akira Kurosawa and the crazy and in genious Yayoi Kusama!

And all this phantastic japanese pattern (see book above).

Here in Hamburg exsits a tradition since 1968 the japanese companies located in
the city thank Hamburg for their hospitality with a wonderful firework for the cerry blossom
festival. This is always wonderful and a exceptional firework and I nearly miss it every year - damn!

I realized that Japan is everywhere in our daily lifes and as my son was younger pokemons and digimons where 
swamping our complete household, they where everywhere on plates, as plush animals, as film, as radioplay, mugs.......
I have to admit I liked them too because I thought that they where very creative funny creatures.

So for this dc I made a few collages illustrating japanese influences in our daily lives.
Of course my way, which means: don't take everything too serious ; )

Don't miss to go to Nadine's to see all the other entries to this wonderful theme!

Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

Sommer-Muster-Mittwoch - summer pattern wednesday

Diesmal habe ich Michaelas Idee mit den Ferienmustern sehr wörtlich
genommen und mich total kleinkariert an vergangene Urlaube erinnert.
Und damit nicht genug, es wurde ein Ferien-Skizzenbuch daraus,
damit man alle Eindrücke, Fundstücke etc. irgendwo sammeln kann.

This time I have taken Michaela's idea with the holiday patterns  
very literally and reminded me totally small squared of past vacations.
And that's not all, I made a holiday sketchbook from it,
so you can collect all the impressions, finds  etc. somewhere.

Aller Anfang ist ja bekanntlich schwer und da gibt es ja 
noch die Angst des Künstlers vor dem weissen Papier!
(nicht nur vom Torwart vor dem Elfmeter! Nein, nein)
Und als überforderter Kreativer, der im Urlaub ja auch nicht soviel Zeit
hat, alles ganz toll zu gestalten, habe ich schon mal die Innenseiten
mit ein paar maritimen Details verziert.

Every beginning is so notoriously difficult and then there are
yet the fear of the artist in front of the white paper!
(not only by the keeper before the penalty No, no)
And when overburdened creatives who has on a holiday not so much time
 to create everything really great, I therefore decorated the insides  
 with a few maritime details already.

Der Nachteil dabei ist allerdings oft, dass man 
sich dann gar nicht mehr traut, da irgendwas reinzukleben
oder zu zeichnen aus Angst es zu versauen! GULP.

However, the disadvantage of this is you often 
doesn't have the guts to glue or draw something 
in it for fear of ruining it! GULP.

Der Vorteil ist allerdings auch, falls man sowieso nicht dazu kommt seine
heeren Ziele zu verwirklichen viele Skizzen zu machen etc,
dann hat mal trotzdem ein schön gestaltetes Urlaubsheft ; )

However, the advantage is, if one anyway does not come
to realize those heavy goals to make many sketches,
then you still have a beautifully presented holiday booklet ; )

Und so sieht das ganze dann als fertiges Heft aus:

And so the whole looks then as a finished book:

von innen

from inside

und weils so schön war noch mal von allen Seiten

and because it was so nice again from all sides

Puh, war das eine Schufterei! Jetzt brauche ich aber erstmal dringend Urlaub.
In diesem Sinne läute ich hiermit eine kleine Sommerpause ein.
See you soon.
Habt einen schönen Sommer!
Barbara bee

Phew, that was a hard work! And now I need desperately holidays.
In this sense, I hereby rang a small summer break.
See you soon.
Have a nice summer!
Barbara bee

Samstag, 12. Juli 2014


The fabulous and humorous Carole had given us the theme "WHAT'S THAT?"
for this weekends drawing challenge. And musing over this theme with
millions of possiblities I thought it might be fun to pick out quite 
ordinary stuff and give it a close look.
Like if you see pictures made with an scanning electron microscope
so that you can't tell what it might be.
As a matter of fact I didn't have any scanning electon microscope
at hand this weekend so I tried to do it with my normal camera.

And this is how it looks...

any ideas? 

getting any closer?


did you find it out?

O.k. last one!  what's that?

I can tell you:
That's thieve riffraffs that sneaks around the house here!

and one blog-owner having a lot of fun this weekend thanks to Caroles theme!

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