Sonntag, 12. August 2012

Drawing Challenge "A little book"

Our hostess of this weeks drawing challenge A LITTLE BOOK is the talented  Norma. Please, take a look at her place for more  inspiration and creative books.
For me it was really a bit of a challenge because I normally don't work so small - and as you can see, its not the tiniest one - but it was fun and I use as theme "Deep Sea"  a mixture of drawing and collage - so have look and hopefully enjoy and don't miss the other talented little books.
Wish you a nice and creative sunday

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renilde hat gesagt…

you chose a theme for your little book close to my heart Barbara and you succeeded with flying colours in recalling the mystery and magic of that waterworld and all that movement going on down there.(love the luminescent jellyfish)
you are great at creating small, xx

mano hat gesagt…

liebe barbara, das kleine buch ist einfach nur wunder-wunder-wunderschön!!! ich bin total begeistert!
mit ein bisschen verspätung zeige ich jetzt auch noch einige kleine bücher in meinem blog.
liebe grüße von mano

Rachel hat gesagt…

Barbara, what a gorgeous wee book! The theme is wonderful and you made it come to life.
Pretty pretty!
Thanks for your kind words on my wee book.

Have a happy week.


Unknown hat gesagt…

being a pisces myself, your deep sea theme resonates -
your pages fascinate.

Kim Henkel Creations hat gesagt…

Oh I love your little book. Each page is a delight for the eyes. Beautiful use of colour. LOVE it!

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Oh, yes! Liebste Barbara,
what a great little book!
Not only the marvellous drawings inside, the cover is beautiful too. And I really like it that you have bound it with a thread. Love it!

Freue mich auf morgen!

x Ariane.

Unknown hat gesagt…

This little book is gorgeous Barbara, and it makes me very happy to have chosen the theme. Because then I am allowed to view what artists have created. Yours makes me greedily want to own it. So I could view it constantly, smell it, feel it. Just like I do will my own books that I love. Your treasure must be satisfying for you to hold and view hey? It is a work of art fit for publication. I mean in an art magazine or such. The collage feel makes me want to run to my scrap drawer. Love your work, N. xo
p.s. I have a brass table top similar to yours. Awesome!!

swinkie hat gesagt…

I too want to own it... love it love it! you do work well small!!

Stefanie Seltner hat gesagt…

Liebe Barbara,
ich finde Dein kleines Buch ganz groß-ART-ig, auch mag ich das Thema und wie Du das Buch fotografiert hast.
Herzliche Grüße, Stefanie

Sue Hutchen Lay hat gesagt…

I live near the ocean and your beautiful book inspires my favorite theme. Gorgeous!

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

Oh, I almost missed seeing this beautiful little book, Barbara! You chose a wonderful theme to work on. xo Carole

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

goodness, barbara, i love it!
i am always curious about the creatures under the water surface, usually quite scared of 'em too, but like here, drawing them is such fun. they are silly, really, fish monsters... your booklet illustrates that!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Thank you all for your overwhelming comments - I feel really blushed.
I like the theme and it was fun to make this little booklet and I wonder if I should try to print it, so that everyone could get one?
Thank you again, thank you 1000 times!
Love you all

Unknown hat gesagt…

Oh thank God! I did not miss this treasure in the first place. I did see it and now am seeing it again with fresh eyes and I cannot hardly believe how fabulous it is! You are brilliant BarbaraBee! N, x

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