Samstag, 9. März 2013

dc moon

This weeks drawing challenge theme MOON hosted by the talented Patrice evokes so many ideas and pictures like the man in the moon, wolfes and werwolfes houling at the moon, Wallace and Gromit taking their crakers and go with their rocket to the moon, because he is made of cheese (see post before) and last but not least the famous moon landing... what an incredible adventure, especially if you watch old docus about it and see the old computers you hardly believe they could manage it with them, hihi.
What if oneself could walking on the moon, what would it like and how would it be?
Well...  (that little girl on the moon, that's me... many moons ago ;) )


little sketch in my moleskine

13 Kommentare:

tanïa hat gesagt…

Hihi, look at that cute little child on the moon! Lovely sketches, too!
And Wallace and Gromit on the moon...without words! I LOVE them! ;o))

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

Instead of seeing a man in the moon I'm going to look for a little girl in the moon! What a cute little astronaut you were, Barbara. Lovely little sketches too. xo Carole

renilde hat gesagt…

oh that wonderful world of collage where everything is possible and you know how to make it look very real and easy to imagine, wonderful,

lovely cute sketches too Barbara, xx

mano hat gesagt…

das ist ganz, ganz , ganz großartig! ich will auch auf den mond!!
danke für deinen kommentar, ich bin ja totalfan deiner collagen!
liebe grüße und fröhliches schneeschippen, mano

nelleke hat gesagt…

hihi, great to see you walking on the moon! And I love the Wallace and Gromit scene too :-)

Unknown hat gesagt…

hihi, that's is so great and very funny! what an orininal idea for this challenge! And the sketch is just so sweet and beautiful, that tiny mouse...I love it!
( ojaaa: ich liebe Wallace and Gromit: big fan!!!!)

Cally hat gesagt…

Great idea, wouldn't that be brilliant?! I love your dog trying to get as close to the moon as he can!

Ritva hat gesagt…

i do like this post!! makes me smile.

many moons know in Finnish every month is a moon :)January, tammikuu=oak moon, February, helmikuu= pearl moon and so on...

have a fine week!

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Oh, Barbara,
ich lach mir nen Ast! hahaha... der Schatten vom Astronauten...
und Du... vor vielen Monden... auf dem Mond ;) Grandios! Picknick?!
Und Deine Zeichnungen... so schön soft und süß!

Bis bald!
xo Ariane.

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

how wonderful! I love these- putting yourself right out there in space :)
I can hear the music from Wallace and Gromit in the back ground (a favorite here!)

And like you I've always wondered what it would really be like to be out there- wow!

Unknown hat gesagt…

I love these sketches, Barbara. Very smile-producing! Happy week to you, sus

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

good memories

I love the little you on the moon
and your sweet sketch
with a doggy

thank you!
Patrice A.

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

ha, you moleskine?
the brooklyn connection?
that you on the moon?

and yeah! all that snow.
... fieeeeeeeeuw! ...

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