Sonntag, 26. April 2015

drawing challenge COAT

Time to break my spring break and what better way to do this than
with a drawing challenge? This time lovely Patrice invited us with
the theme COAT.

And actually at that day  I did wash my winter coat and some of my 
thick winter pullovers to go into winter camp. I'm always happy to put those cloths
away and wont see and wear them again before earliest november/december!

Today although it is more weather for a rain coat...

... but we had such a wonderful and sunny april with
nature sprout and bloom all around that a butterfly coat is appropriate...

... and sometimes you need a coat to cover yourself and feel safe
and somehow wish to be invisible...

... and I thought a bit about history of COATS because we are quite

thin skinned and naked animals and started very early with wearing some
sort of coats....

... and as creative as we are we soon found many ways to make it more chic

so you see there are million ways to wear a coat and todays fashion is quite
lame in comparisson to earlier ages. 

So don't forget your coat today and visit all other entries over at Patrices' blog.
Barbara bee

14 Kommentare:

diefahrradfrau hat gesagt…

So schön sind sie wieder, deine Collagen - ich mag das Schmetterlingskleid. Aber auch hier geht heute eher der Regenmantel.
Liebe Grüße

renilde hat gesagt…

hello again Barbara,
funny(maybe that's not the right word) how some of us go that far back to their roots and still like to wear fur...
and yes our ancestors were a colorful lot indeed, also coat-wise :)

i love the 'invisible coat', food for fantasy and stories.

here also raincoat day today but we had a tiny taste of summer too, going in the right direction yeah ! xx

Stefanie Seltner hat gesagt…

so very interesting the trip into fashion history, thank you!
your collages are brilliant as usual and yes, I know this feeling when the winter clothes are going into their boxes... (I am always late with that...)
enjoy the sun x Stefanie

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

The history of fashion is so interesting. We are rather a boring lot nowadays with our black or grey coats, although they certainly are more practical than velvet trimmed with gold and fur! Love this post, Barbara. xo

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

thanks for the history lesson!
and washing our winter coats
is something i have done lately
soooo nice to put those away ;^))

lovely collages
especially the one with
the woman with a apron
now that's something i really like to wear ;^))

thanks for joining

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

once you start, you can't stop, i love your little research on coats here. and your invisible interpretations too.
for sure, our skin is thin and vulnerable... i'm just now thinking of the beautiful perhonen coats... now here's a tradionalist at work!

sabine ingerl hat gesagt…

Schon erstaunlich, wie der Mantel sich im Laufe der Zeit entwickelt hat. Obwohl er heute eher wärmt als schmückt, mag ich Modelle, die aufwändiger sind, aus Samt, Seide und Brokat (auch wenn keine solchen habe). Oder aus Schmetterlingen, das ist ein ganz besonders schöner.
Lieben Gruß

Astridka hat gesagt…

Schön, dass du noch da bist & dich aus den Winterklamotten gepellt hast, um unser Blickfeld zu erweitern,-
Wollte mich schon längst melden, bin aber zu "busy" & hab den Kopf zu voll.
Alles Liebe!

annton hat gesagt…

lovely collages, as usual, and so many thoughts and facts on coats, I am glad it is nasty enough out there, so I will be able to wear mine when going walking Emma.when looking out of the window this morning, I wasn't pleased about the rain and the grey skies. thank you, I am smiling now!

Veronica Roth hat gesagt…

Loving your coats thru history! Also, now I want a summer butterfly coat. I have a light coat which is pink and brown and has polka dots on it. My family call it my "shower curtain" coat. Suppose they think they're clever. :D

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Lovely, busy busy bee!
the invisible coat hahahah, great, want that sometimes! Great lesson and you are right: we need much more style!


Lucia hat gesagt…

So ein Rundumschlag in der Geschichte des Umhangs - klasse! Heute brauche ich einen Regenmantel. Aber die Sonne scheint dank deiner Collagen trotzdem durch.
Viele Grüße von Lucia

Sabine hat gesagt…

So passende cut outs zum Thema - und eine interessante kleine Kulturgeschichte des Mantels! LG Sabine

roberto M. hat gesagt…

Hey, great idea one coat to make us invisible!
store winter clothes, gives me joy idea, save summer clothes, is a little sad.

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