Samstag, 28. März 2015

dc pollinators

Hello everyone,

for this weeks dc our lovely host Tammie has choosen the very spring
appropriate theme "POLLINATORS". 

digital collage by barbara böttcher

For this theme I've choosen butterflies simply because I think they're
very appealing pollinators. So made this digital collage and I think I
should take this as model for larger painting...?

With my blog and shop name some bees may not be missed

Albert Einstein once said:

"If the bee disappears once from the earth
man has to live only four years.  
No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants,  
no more animals, no more man. "

What happens if a natural pollinator is missing can be seen on the
vanilla cultivation. Vanilla came originally from Mexico where 
Hummingbirds and long proboscis insects pollinate the flowers.

As they started to cultivate vanilla plants in Madagaskar and Rèunion
they discovered that they didn't have natural pollinators and as a result
no fruits. As it was not possible to naturalize those pollinators they
pollinate every single flower by hand. These orchid flowers of the
vanilla bloom only for a few hours and have to be pollinated instantly.
This is the reason vanille is the 2nd most expensive "spice" in the world.

So, if we don't want to pollinate in near future all plants by hand
we should consider next time when being annoyed by an insect
or  hysterical and wildly waving hands beat after some bees 
that they're are our friend and very important for us human beings!

For all other participants of this drawing challenge please don't miss

Wish you a nice weekend!
barbara (busy) bee 

18 Kommentare:

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art hat gesagt…


lissa hat gesagt…

the collage is wonderful & great bee photos. it makes me think of spring.

hope you have a lovely day.

BunTine hat gesagt…

Welch herrliches Geflatter hier bei dir:))eine wunderschönes DC Thema...frühlingsleicht und flatterhaft, so gehört sich das !
Genieß das Wochenende,♥Kerstin

Tammie Lee hat gesagt…

thank you for sharing your wise thoughts and words about our worlds pollinators!

Yes, make a painting of your collage, it will be wonder-ful, as is your collage!

Sharmon Davidson hat gesagt…

I love the collage, and think it would be the basis for a great painting! your photos are exquisite, too, and I enjoyed learning about the vanilla and its lack of pollinators...

mano hat gesagt…

toller beitrag zur dc! schöne fotos, witzige collage, guter text und tolles einstein-zitat! ich würde mal sagen: hast du super gemacht!!
liebe grüße, mano

tanïa hat gesagt…

Ganz tolle Gedanken zum Thema! Und die Collage ist ja wohl mal der Hit! Also wenn Fräulein Bee das Thema nicht rockt, dann weiß ich's aber auch nicht!! ;-)

CERULEAN hat gesagt…

A wonderful collage. Yes you should make a painting of it!

Veronica Roth hat gesagt…

Lovely, and so true Miss Bee. :D In both our houses we have a no-kill policy for insects. Which means that the wasps and other nasties get gently persuaded to go outside and stop bothering us. I'm worried about the loss of the bees around the world the most, and am trying to figure out how to keep a beehive here in Vancouver. After all, how hard can it be? :D Big hugs, hope you're having a great weekend

renilde hat gesagt…

that collage is wonderful!
please don't let the idea slip away to make it into a large painting,it's too good.

i learned something about vanilla, oh my!
and i will be here again on tuesday, thanks dear Barbara, x

renilde hat gesagt…

that collage is wonderful!
please don't let the idea slip away to make it into a large painting,it's too good.

i learned something about vanilla, oh my!
and i will be here again on tuesday, thanks dear Barbara, x

Unknown hat gesagt…

Super. Tolle Bilder. Gefällt mir sehr!

sabine ingerl hat gesagt…

Oh, was für herrliche Pollinators, einer schöner als der andere. Wäre doch eine fantastische Idee, wenn statt hohlen Worten, Schmetterlinge rauskommen. Berlin und andere Städte wären voll von diesen Schönheiten.
Ich hoffe die Bienen halten durch!
Lieben Gruß

Viola hat gesagt…

Awesome digital painting and beautiful photos! It's frightening to read the words of Einstein! And he was right. I'm scared of bees, but not the bumble bees. But I don't beat them or wave after them -I have seen many do :/ - instead I go away and leave them alone. I planted some goodies -plants- for the bees last summer. And both the bees, bumble bees and butterflies among others came to eat and pollinate :) We need them soooo much!!

jahreszeitenbriefe hat gesagt…

Gefällt mir sehr!!! Und die Vanille-Geschichte kannte ich gar nicht. Kann ich gerade gut gebrauchen ;-) Lieben Gruß Ghislana

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

wonderful collage!
YES! make it into a large painting
and this theme
made me think of bees and you ;^))


we will meet
again ;^))

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

YES make a larger painting, Barbara Bee! It's really great as a collage but would simply bee amazing as a large painting.
Your photos shine with sunlight and buzzing. Filled with happiness. xo Carole

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

i'll still be annoyed by the insect called mosquito, i'm afraid, but i shall never be annoyed by humble bumble bees. in fact i consider them amongst the most beautiful insects there are. how harrowing the very thought, no? i always silently hope mother nature will be cleverer than us (which she is) and find a solution to the possible shortage of bees. for mother nature knows how to react, us we know na-think!... of course your butterfly set is gorgeous. bigger painting? yes, please! n♥

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