Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Whats on my workdesk today?

here I like to show the development of a collage

Whats under my workdesk today?

my fury girl YUMI

here you can see the final result

and for more workdesk pleas visit Julias blog

7 Kommentare:

Seahorse Ranch Girl hat gesagt…

It's interesting to see a work in progress...then the finished collage. Lovely. Charlotte WOYWW #148

mano hat gesagt…

wundervoll oben, niedlich unten!!

ria gall hat gesagt…

thank you for sharing your collage the finished piece is wonderful
Have a wonderful WOYWW
Ria #44

Unknown hat gesagt…

Yumi is so cute. Love the finished collage. It will be an amazing feat to make one piece of art every day. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 36

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

Barbara, it's great to see both views! I love the finishing touches you've added. May your day be full of spring joy! xo Carole

Unknown hat gesagt…

Under mine, there is someone similar and calm like yours ;)

Eliza hat gesagt…

Really nice collage but best of all is your fury friend Yumi thanks for sharing.

Belated WOYWW
Eliza 24

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