Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Dogs on the beach

After a really (REALLY) bad summer finally the sun came with a lot of heat and SUNSHINE :) and
my son is back from his grandparents so we headed off to the beach (baltic sea) today for a real holiday feeling. I guess the dog's beach is the most crowed ones, but all have fun - fun for everyone and no one is upset when a dog tramples on a towel, because all of them do.
The weather will change again tomorrow, so we might do it again, until the summer is over again.... let see.
With the most sunny wishes to all of you!

P.S. I'm glad to live in the north again - that's what I missed for soooo many years.
Because if the weather is bad, its really depressing, but if its good, its really good, with
this incredible blue sky  and this phantastic northern summer light (no filter or photoshop manipulation) - I don't know maybe its brighter and clearer than elsewhere - whatever it is I really, really love it and its about 1 hour ride to get to the beach (unless one is stuck in traffic, which is with such weather actually always the case).

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Anna Vee hat gesagt…

This place is heaven on Earth! Here in my town (and most places around my country) it's strictly forbidden to take dogs to the beach. Somehow people think they are messy, dirty and dangerous to human health. It's sad, really! I wish we had a beach like this, I would spend all the sunny days there!

Lovely photos :)

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

it's looking good!!!!
love that last pic

hello you
still thinking of
our meeting....

with love
Patrice A.

Unknown hat gesagt…

What a great trip to the beach, Barbara - thanks for taking us along! -sus

Unknown hat gesagt…

Dear Anna, normally dogs are also forbidden at the beach, lake or swimming pool, but for gods sake the have a few dog beaches - yes and thats the reason why it was so crowed, a lot of people have dogs and want to go for a swim with them. And the dogs are realing enjoying and having fun at the beach, its holiday for them too, thats for sure!
Maybe you should plan your next holiday in germany or in belgium, there it was even better! More spacious!

Hi Patrice, yes thats very cute, with a little sand in her beard.
And I'm still happy about our meeting too!

Dear Susan, yes that was really fun for dog and their team! Today we had the 2nd day, before the next rain, cold and thunderstorms rolled on.


belinda marshall hat gesagt…

it looks like a lot of fun and heaven for your dog :)
thanks so much for your comment ~ muffins and coffee one day!!

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