Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Following your Intuition

Yesterday wrote  Ansku listen to your body, rather than following any prescribed rules. I found this very true and I converted that for me into: You should follow your intuition.
I can fully identify with the testimony of a Korean artist Eu-Nim-Ro, which once said: 

"Before me is a hole, next to me is a hole, I'm surrounded by nothing but holes."
That really describes my life perfectly.
Therefore, I decided yesterday to follow my intuition which told me I should go to the water.
I did it, and the mood and the light was wonderful and I've found the guy who always makes the stone sculptures. We  had a very stimulating conversation until it was too dark to photograph the stone creatures.

What are your experiences with head and heart?
Is it possible for you to flow freely, and always following your intuition or are you stumbling over your brain that is constantly trying to get in your way?

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Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Those photos are absolutely magical! I love the sculptures. I think that experience probably proves you should follow heart and not head, or not always anyway. Unfortunately I seem to be more or less locked into 'head' and am always just doing the sensible thing or the dutiful thing and not the thing I really want to do. But it seems to be my nature.

Himiko hat gesagt…

Oh, it's the brain thing for me. My brain has a tendency to pick up even the littlest of signals from the universe surrounding me and unfortunately doesn't come with an "off" button. It drives me mad at times but mostly it makes me feel tired. I try to fool it into a 'sleep mode' at times but I'm not hugely succesfull at it I'm afraid.

I would love to be more carefree though.

Sally Tharpe Rowles hat gesagt…

I love these stone sculptures ..... this artist is certainly following his heart..... lucky for us you did too & ended up with these nice photos.... inspiration for us all.

Joanna hat gesagt…

I start to appreciate intuition in my life. Night dreams are very important for me too.
I try to not ignore my intuition and sometimes dreams but always I try to verify them- this is job for my mind:).I think that intuition can be very helpful, it forces to do something more, something different etc even if the mind says- it is not necessary :)

Julia da Franca hat gesagt…

ja liebe barbara, auch mein aktuelles thema!
bin gestern etwas losgeworden was mich belastet/+genervt hat und auch wenn ich jemanden enttäuscht habe, die welt dreht sich weiter und ich fühle das ich das richtige getan habe.
wunderschön deine fotos, der steinmann/+seine skulpturen sind natürlich auch toll! und an dem fluss will ich mal gerne mit dir langgehen,
herzensgrüsse, julia

belinda marshall hat gesagt…

such a beautiful place ~ love your photos!
i try to follow my intuition within the daily routine! there's often a little debate going on in my head as to which intuition to go with at the time!!
glad you went with yours :)

Unknown hat gesagt…

Looks like we all would struggle more or less with the same problems. Therefore, I wish us all more flowing moments for the future. :)

mano hat gesagt…

ausbalancieren! steine, herz und hirn...! schwer ist es, oft gelingt es nicht, weil wir von allem möglichen programmiert sind.
aber immer wieder der versuch - und auch oft der erfolg. über die stolpersteine springen - oder sie in türme verwandeln wie sie in deinen wunderbaren bildern zu sehen sind.

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

I've never been a big believer in coincidence- it seems that what ever is supposed to happen will and there for you just go with it- good or bad are really just opposite sides of the same coin. How you choose to view the experience is where it counts. I suspect intuition is happening constantly and it's a matter of recognition...??

Lari Washburn hat gesagt…

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree with you about's the only way for me.

Some Korean Website Highjacker hat gesagt…

oh yes and more yes! i'm so happy your intuition led you on such a wonderful journey to the water. the photos you took are lovely!

we have a rather famous local fella who does similar rock formations along our seawall. can't believe they just balance so perfectly, that's talent for sure.

i really try and tap into my intuition every day, sometimes a day will go by though and i haven't connected to it. those days are usually the forgotten ones but when i have practiced this awareness i find my memories of the experience really stay long term. thank you for sharing yours and inspiring me further to be diligently conscious. ♥

Petra hat gesagt…

I am working on following my intuition more, but my brain interferes quite often. strangely enough when it comes to really big decisions I have always followed my gut, but on a daily basis my head messes things up over and over again. I'm working on it. but it's going slow...

Anna Vee hat gesagt…

Oh, I really wish I could follow my intuition more often! I mean, I do eat what I feel like, and I exercise when and how I want to, but I mean the other things in life. Just like your need to go to the water.

Unfortunately I've been forced to realize time is a big issue for me in these things. Sometimes I feel a terrible urge to do something very specific - but as it happens I'm at work for the next five hours or so, and I can't do it... Perhaps I should spend my weekends by doing all the things I haven't been able to during the week. Well, actually I think that's what I've been going for during these last couple weekends! So I'm on the right path!

Have a wonderful Saturday night! :)

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