Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Headache + FortuneI

Today I'm having severe headache and my head feels like he will burst every minute. I hate this situation if you have so much to do and you're willing to do it, but you can't, because you have to sit still and wait until its gone. ARGH!

BUT to cheer me up on this grey day I had really phantastic mail today. First of all I won the amazing Calender of Camilla - what lucky person I am - I normally don't win anything! Is'n it great!

And I purchased a wonderful bird book from ebay (for 2,- Euro!).

I like this little guy with his punk "hair-do" (here on my balcony).

6 Kommentare:

Joanna hat gesagt…

i wish You speedy return to good form!

here you can find something about...head.
this link story is not quite serious but i hope it can cheer You up.

best regards

Himiko hat gesagt…

wow, what luck to be a fan of Camilla and then go on and win a calendar of hers! That would cheer anyone up I think.

Good luck with the headache... hope it ends quickly...

bambi kann beißen hat gesagt…

fühle mit dir. kenne das leider nur zu gut. wenn der kopf.schmerz einen völlig zum erliegen bringt. aber hej. du bist eine gewinnerin!

Hazel Terry hat gesagt…

I Often loose days like this. Sorry you are suffering, cold flannels rotated from the fridge and lots of liquids. Speedy recovery to you. x

Ai hat gesagt…

That first photo really describes well how I feel whenever I have headaches... which is every other day really haha. I hope you feel better :)


Unknown hat gesagt…

Thank you very much for your nice comments - it really cheered me up!
I'm not quite over it today, but it starts getting better.

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