Freitag, 19. November 2010

Preparing for Advent

Yesterday I thought I should go to get some deers, which I like a lot, but never had. I thought I'm quite in time ("In what world are you living, Barbara!") - they were sold out!
This year I thought I'm decorating it in violet and green - I try to make it every year different, so thats not getting boring.
I didn't  find the deers  I was looking for, but some toadstool (beside of deers, I also like mushrooms, butterfly, birds.............and so on) and some bears and apparently I'm not having a violet-green colour sheme.

bears wishlist...

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Barbara! I couldn't help myself; my son and I love 'Monsters Inc.' and I knew we had a little Mike somewhere... he looks very brave and happy, even if he's alone... :)

'...and apparently I'm not having a violet-green colour sheme' Ah, this sentence made me laugh! I wonder why it always ends up like that... nothing ever goes as planned around here. Ever! (Like that sign a lot...)

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