Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

Needlework at its best

Today I would like to recommend to go to the website of Partricia Waller what she does with needles and wool is just spectacular. I mean I can't even crochet socks or so... I would say my housekeeping ability is limited.

For those who are interested in my experience with the Thermoform machine (thanks to helicopter6). It will take quite a while until I can show something, because I have to create models first. Therefore I have to sort out which material will be suitable and so forth. There is a lot of pressure to the material. Testing was only for me to see how it works so that I can create models which will work with it and not coming out anymore and been cut out with brute force. Arrgh.
And for the installation I like to have more soft material for a more sea cucumber like feeling. I love sea cucumbers!
this is the incredible machine!

this is a find object which doesn't work at all

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Anonym hat gesagt…

wow die affen sind ja genial...und das gebiss erst :)
danke für deine lieben zeilen, ich finde jeder neuanfang hat etwas in sich...lieber gruß

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