Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Fleamarket Finds

Yesterday I went to a fleamarket. There weren't too many stands because of the weather, grey, drizzle and cold. BUT lucky me, I found 3 books and an armadillo all for 1,- Euro each. HA, keeps the grey day away.
his name is "Gürtie" for germna Gürteltier


Book from 1911!

not really a book but a photo album which will be filled with drawing and more

I love all biological stuff for whatever reason

3 Kommentare:

helicopter6 hat gesagt…

Fanatastic! The armadillo is magnificent!

odile hat gesagt…

I love the little armadillo, He is too cute!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Ja, isn't he a sweetie, I really love him.

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