Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Whats on my workdesk today

Started on monday with collage again and had a lot of fun with it. Here a few snippets of the developement incl. a few result...

Don't miss to go to Stamping ground for more workdesks!

Have a nice and safe day!


Mondays collage "Kein Herbst ohne Bambi"

 Yesterdays collage

10 Kommentare:

Anna Karlsson Widmark hat gesagt…

Love it! Awesome!

Happy WOYWW!


nadine paduart hat gesagt…

mhmmmm! lovely wall hangings. you've been at it! i am always a little afraid of collage, i think i daren't let myself go, or something. one day i will though, it looks like splendid fun!

barbara, thank you for your amazing comment which has gone straight to my heart, because an artist in life, yes! that i feel very, very strongly about.
i always think of emily then. she found no recognition while she was alive, and now she's considered one of the biggest female poets ever. it's a thin line, and the definition of art both enthralls and excapes me, time and again. i feel for all the unknown artists most.
your desk makes me very happy!

mano hat gesagt…

tolle arbeiten! der fisch ist mir zwar etwas unheimlich, dafür ist mir das rehlein umso sympathischer!
das erste foto mag ich ganz besonders gern!
liebe grüße, mano

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) hat gesagt…

Your designs are fantastic, and really special. You must be so proud of them. Thank you for your visit today. I agree tha Christmas comes sooner each year. My cards are done, apart from their inserts which I do as I write them, but the present search is now on. EBay, here I come again. Have a good week with your collage. xx Maggie #42

okienurse hat gesagt…

Great looking crafting area this week so bright and cheerful. Love all the colors and things to look at. I am just starting trying to make a decent looking collage and it isn't as easy as it looks is it? Thanks for sharing and commenting by my blog! Have a great week! Vickie #37

belinda marshall hat gesagt…

fabulous! love your sketches and subtle build up in the collages so far.

Julia da Franca hat gesagt…

...und wen freut das unbändig!!?? MICH!
tolle collagen, ich freue mich auf mehr mehr mehr!
xxxxxxxxxxxx julia

red-handed hat gesagt…

You're so much more careful; my won studio is a mess!

sarapirat hat gesagt…

such beautiful collages, bee!
have a lovely day!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Your workspace is wonderful and I love your art.

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