Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

dc postage stamps

Hello friends and stamp lovers,

dear Helen came up with this weeks theme STAMPS so I pulled out my collection of stamps, stamps of animals, mushrooms and space travel - all themes and designs I like. I bought them 2 years ago because I thought its a nice stuff for collages and the stamp collection of my childhood all were thrown away over the years and moves. :(
A special delight for me are those old postcards from my family, the first is from 1922, the green one from 1941! - who would have expectes that they wrote postcards during 2nd world war?! But they did.

And here are a few examples where the stamps eventually land.


Don't miss to visit Helens blog for more stamp creations!

16 Kommentare:

mano hat gesagt…

ich liebe deine collagen auch wegen der immer wieder auftauchenden briefmarken!!
der schäferhund als wandgemälde ist so cool!
liebe grüße von mano

Sally Tharpe Rowles hat gesagt…

Wow you have a great stamp collection. Especially those that are personal & they really add a wonderful touch to your collages. There is something so enchanting about stamps.

Stefanie Seltner hat gesagt…

tolle Sammlung, ich mag Deine Collagen übrigens auch sehr, die machen richtig gute Laune!
Ich habe ja ebenfalls so alte Postkarten aus meiner Familie, auf einer ist sogar eine Bombendetonation abgebildet.
Liebe Grüße

Annie hat gesagt…

Wow...what an amazing collection of stamps. I love the pages you have created. Beautiful makes.



Unknown hat gesagt…

Barbara, I have been enjoying your daily artworks. Just enjoying them so much. Now that I see your selection of postage stamps which are a part of your arsenal I enjoy your collages even more. Oh those mushroom stamps. Hello! They speak to me loudly. Well I do appreciate the art form of stamps more than ever, now that I have journeyed in stamp world, thanks to Helen. And thanks to you for making such delicious eye candy collages. You do awesome work. *smiles* Norma, x

objects of whimsy hat gesagt…

Wow those postcards are wonderful and so precious Barb. I know why they have survived when I had to evacuate my house in a hurry recently due to bushfires I had about 5 minutes to think what I could bear living with or without I took foto and family teddybears. Nothing if money value I would have taken these postcards Barb too precious to lose.

Helen x

PS: the stamps and their final placing are really beautiful. I live what you do with stamps.

objects of whimsy hat gesagt…

That is supposed to say I 'like what you do with stamps but Ill upgrade it while Im here and say I love what you do with stamps!

Helen x

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

The family postcards are delightful for sure, Barbara! A wonderful treasure. I didn't realize postcards were sent during that war either. Have a good week. xo

Unknown hat gesagt…

Great use of your beautiful stamps, Barbara. The family postcards are treasure. -sus

renilde hat gesagt…

lovely collection Barbara, you make very good use of them in your collages, they add that fun touch, the shark/mushroom combination made me smile at first glance and it still does.
for us it's hard to imagine that post was the only way to communicate, we wait on a phone call or an e-mail nowadays, those old post cards are something to treasure, xx

Unknown hat gesagt…

Love what you are doing with the stamps...
I have some at my dad collects, and it was a time I collect are a bit forgotten...should think about making something...

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

OK I can't believe there are that many stamps out there with mushrooms on them ! how awesome is that!
Your work lends itself to stamps as I've always seen your smaller pieces to be a way of communicating lots of ideas...and what better way to send them out into the world!
I am especially loving the third one with the whale shark- I think it needs a sound track :)

tanïa hat gesagt…

Wow, nicht nur Deine Briefmarkensammlung ist so toll, dass ich Dir gern die ein oder andere Marke abluchsen würde, nein, auch Deine Collagen sind wunderbar! Ich kann gar nicht sagen, welche ich am besten finde, weil mir wirklich alle supergut gefallen!

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

those stamps!
I like the animals
but LOVE those mushrooms
and they fit beautifully
in your collages
my favorite
the owl, with it;s fears eyes
and that sweet kitten

Patrice A.

Zickimicki hat gesagt…

schäferhund und katze sind meine lieblinge. schon bei mano hab ich die briefmarkenbastelei beobachtet und toll gefunden... und bei dir nun weiter dran erfreut:)
herzlichst birgit

Trail Pixie Trespas hat gesagt…

Hello BarbaraBee, I found your 365 blog through one of the DC participants. I adore your use of stamps and the owl collage with the cat stamp makes me smile! Sometimes blogging can feel lonely as you don't know if anyone is looking; so happy to have found your blog(s).
Emily Trespas

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