Sonntag, 4. September 2011


Hi, for those who wonder for my lack of posting.  It's more like what happens between dawn and thunderbirds. I read a couple of days ago, that the universe only exist through changing, the energy has to flow all the time otherwise nothing could exist. I liked that idea and as I discovered through all your posts (which I missed lately) there are changes everywhere. I think its going on the hole year, but at the moment I start appreciate that and being curious about what happens next. At the moment I'm a bit busy with myself, but in a good way - no need to be concerned about me.

I didn't go to any fleamarkets for a long time, but TODAY and I'm very pleased with my finds!
A crumpler photo bag! Ha! And I got the "Fish" book for free.
Amazing magazin from 1925 with Ads and a lot of fantastic stuff:

And a book about the Olympic Plays from 1932!

And some colours and boxes:

4 Kommentare:

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Ahoi, liebe Barbara,
just in diesem Augenblick dachte ich: 'Was wohl Barbara gerade macht?' und guckste mal.
Hört aich alles gut an. Und sieht gut aus... und bei den Farben wurde ich ganz hibbelig! toller Fang...

Liebe Grüße von der Waterkant, herzlich,

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Hi Barbara

Glad you're still there and happy and busy. x

sarapirat hat gesagt…

hey bee
welcome back!
nice to see you again.
nice treasures aswell.
and yes, a year of changes. on so many levels. for us, the best we can do is acknowledge, accept, embrace, right?

Julia da Franca hat gesagt…

das sind nach einer wundervoll verbrachten zeit aus!
hab eine wundervolle woche, bis ganz bald, julia xx

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