Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Winter Wonder Land

All snow was totally gone here, until yesterday evening when it starts snowing again and now we have a Winter Wonder Land again. I took the little time window with sunshine today to take a few photos. I still can't feel my feets and my fingers are stiff, having problems to type. It's FREEZING!

A perfect day to go to a christmas market this afternoon - BUT before we're only thinking about doing this, we should get some moonboots! I fear we are completely toooooo late for them.

How could you expect having this winter snow and freezing temperatures again. The last 13 years you could have been happy, if there was any snow at all or if it would last for more than a half day. And now? To be honest the global warming I would have figured out differently. My brother thinks it has to do with the eruption of the vulcano in island in spring this year. So maybe we gonna be insticted like the dinosaurs?
If not, I wishing you a wonderful winter (or sommer) day today. Stay happy.

what kind of animal does make such lines - rats?

can you see the ship?

I like that the water seems to steam

Clouds are coming again

it reminds me, that I still havn't a "Tannenbaum"

7 Kommentare:

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

What absolutely beautiful photos -- it almost makes me want the snow to come back here too. Oh, hang on, no it doesn't!!

mano hat gesagt…

wundervolle fotos! -
in meiner erinnerung hatten wir in meiner kindheit immer schnee! nach der schule wurde der schlitten geholt und dann gings raus bis zum einbruch der dunkelheit. ob das wirklich stimmt, ließe sich überprüfen! lg

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

wow these photos are fantastic- looks like you got out for a sweet patch of sun despite the cold- Enjoy!

sarapirat hat gesagt…

these are virtual snowballs coming right at me! happy to receive them. far far away. at least it got colder, here aswell. life and climate is a mystery.

Joanna hat gesagt…

the second photo is amazing.
by the way,how is your work going?(exhibition)

best regards

Ai hat gesagt…

Great photos!! Looks really cold, but I'm so jealous of the snow.. all I ever get in Tokyo are little tiny specks, which really don't qualify as snow haha


Kaylovesvintage hat gesagt…

so pretty..winter wonderland

love your art

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