Freitag, 26. November 2010

This morning

This morning my son missed his schoolbus, because he always gets up toooooo late - you know, the bed is warm and cosy and its cold and dark outside...

So I had to bring him to school. I took the opportunity for a few pictures - and I can tell you, it was freezing! My fingers a still a littlebit stiff.
And I found a few nice streetfinds. HA! I think my son will like the little mice a lot.   NO, he thought they were stupid, I guess, he is tooo old now for this. Yep, they're growing older.

I wish you all a happy weekend. What are you up to?

left beauty in a grey world

just another kind of devision ;)

Streetfinds (german: Speermüll)
It starts snowing!!!!!!!!!!
it lasts only for a couple of minutes - OOOHHH

8 Kommentare:

helicopter6 hat gesagt…

Wow, you live in an magnificent area. And I love the division comment! I'm very excited because my partner is coming home tomorrow after being away for 6 weeks (before that he was home for 2.5 weeks, then before that away for another 6 weeks). So I'm sure my mood will lift considerably. Warm and stormy here. Heading into summer! Keep wartm Miss Barbara (and I don't blame your son at all!!)

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hello Helen, it is always a little funny and unbelievable, if those of you living in the most incredible spot of the world (like Australia) think that this place is special. O.k. there is a lot of history, especially in this area where you have a lot of castle and medieval history. But beyond this it's mostly boring.
I'm happy for you that your partner is coming home, so I'm sure you'll having a great weekend - you and the little birds and...
And I didn't blame my son, that happens.

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Gosh, I wish the trip to my kids' school was as beautiful. For us it's a quick swing round the one-way system and you're lucky if you're not stuck in a traffic jam. Then 14 miles down the motorway to where I work -- only the magpies make that interesting!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Well, this not the way to school. Thats more like you described it - more or less a normal street and totally crowed in front of the school with cars, buses, crowds of pupils - short: totally crazy. No I have to go to the river, where it is like that. No need for any jealousy believe me! :)

Joanna hat gesagt…

I like your comment about division too.
gulls look funny looking in the same direction. This photo remains me a story 'finding nemo' and the gulls from this animation film.
best regard

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Liebe Barbara,
ich freue mich, Dich zu meinen Followern zählen zu dürfen. Meinerseits werde ich auch gerne bei Dir schauen.
Und Du bist Exil-Hamburgerin?
Wie alt ist Dein Sohn?
In Hamburg hat es auch geschneit, sehr hübsch. Deine Fotos erinnern mich ein wenig an Alster oder Elbe.
Bis bald,

Anonym hat gesagt…

My god, Barbara, is that for real? Your surroundings are breathtaking. I could easily get lost walking your neighbourhood... lost in fairytales... Lovely!

My son is the same, and now he stopped going all together.

Happy weekend!

swinkie hat gesagt…

I love blogging in to see your next entry of pics. Even though I would never pass up the blue winter skies of Syds but the greener grass syndrome for the old world makes me wish I was there. It said on the news that you have a sudden mass snowfall? wishing you a cosy and warm weekend.

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