Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Grey days and studio lights

Yesterday was grey the hole day, it didn't really get light - something formerly known as "daylight". That's the time where you're desperately waiting to be Advent, when all houses are illuminated with Christmas Decoration/Lights  (in some cases a few overdo it, that it becomes some sort of Chriswoodness :-)).
Today the sun is shining and it's quite mild - we had our breakfast on the balcony - you remember its November!?


4 Kommentare:

Ai hat gesagt…

Breakfast on the balcony sounds wonderful♥ It sounds so relaxing! I love your artwork btw :D


Anonym hat gesagt…

Yes, we're all tucked in with a grey that doesn't seem to end. Good thing we got a little snow, but breakfast on the balcony: forget it. Too cold.

Love your painting, and it's of course quite easy now to see that those are not flowers. Still; the colours are so wintery and icy, like on a very cold winter morning.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Thank you both for your kind words and of course it's not normal to have such temperatures in november all the more we appreciated it.

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Hi. I really like your painting (and your collages, in other posts). It makes me think of maps, which I love.

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