Sonntag, 28. August 2016

Art Challenge "ROOM" (with a view)

Hello everyone!

It's been a while on this neglected blog, but trying to put up this post
for this weeks art challenge from our lovely Nadine, I know why:
it's a whole lot of work!

But fun too. Rambling over ideas how to put this challenge into pictures.

Out theme today "ROOM".
There are trillions of possibilities to interpret the theme but I was going
with the idea of room as a place to create like a studio for example.

But hot as it is these day my studio is going to be to HOT and
glistening sunlight in the afternoon simple blinds you.

And as we had to many rainy days this summer I like to jump
onto every possibility to be outside and turn the garden into my
part time studio

or the terrace

raskog (ikea) part time studio make up
 Above pic is for you Ariane.... you know why.

or find a nice comfy room at the sea (one of my favorite places)

During my 365 days collage project I brought my studio even to the camping ground.

And sometimes you can turn a coffee shop in a room of ones own...

Or carry your stuff to your friends rooms...

hope-for-Nadine-pic "cool down"

Thank you so much Nadine-tje for this challenge and this pic
is especially for you to cool down mentally cause winter isn't
so far away and you can breathe again.

Wish you a happy weekend/holiday/summer
Barbara - busy - bee

12 Kommentare:

Suza hat gesagt…

beautiful pictures and excellent paintings.

Lucia hat gesagt…

I love the Idea of a part time Studio and a Studio everywhere.
Greetings from my livingroom-studio.
Yours Lucia

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

I admire your ability to move to whichever room appeals or works at the moment.
Cute for you to include the photo for Nadine. Have a great week, Barbara. xo

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

my word, i am well chuffed about your delightful post today! ah, all of your design rooms! d'you know... i almost didn't recognize that image at the kitchen table? how wonderful is that, and how quick rooms can change too. yes, your mobile studio definitely is your room of your own! playful, handy and surprising!
thank you for playing, bee. i hope you've been able to lie down on a strand korbe like every free moment that you've had? and i am SO grateful for the snow image... yeah, well, i am wondering, will it snow this wintertime..? how happy it'd make me feel...
and also how HAPPY am i temperatures today have dropped. .. to 25°. still pretty amazing for august.
i'll send you a little note seperately in an email.

merlecolibri hat gesagt…

l'inspiration vient partout * très beaux ateliers de plein air !

Veronica Roth hat gesagt…

I so adore seeing your sketches in your books. (also adore everything else about your art) And I see you're busy sketching wildflowers...just like I am.

That Ikea trolley, I've been thinking of buying myself one for about a million years now! About time I did. :D

mano hat gesagt…

toll, dass du immer dein kunstköfferchen dabei hast!!
den ikea trolley brauch ich auch noch!
liebe grüße, mano

annton hat gesagt…

I have always adored other artists, who are able to set up their stuff anywhere and get working. Great! On top, the places you have chosen are especially nice!

Tammie Lee hat gesagt…

yes, rooms are anywhere we wish to create a space in. loved seeing your sketches and lovely places to hang out and enjoy.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Barbara so great to see all of your places...they are all so different and wonderful in their own right. The season is changing here quite quickly now. We've been enjoying what is called an "Indian Summer" which is when it remains sunny and warm even though the leaves are changing colour and falling, etc. But now finally...the rains come...and it is changing in temperature. Loved this post. *hugs* N,x

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Liebe Barbara,
endlich, finally...
your room (with some beautifullest views!) are simply gorgeous: Room is where your art is.
And thank oyu for the hint with Raskog. Funnily we already have such a trolley, but we have lots of tea inside and koffee in the kitchen... hmm. Dashy for me is your camping table! Kannst du den empfehlen? Größe, Höhe? Stabil? Fabrikat, Preis?

So thank you for your mooi summer room plus one for Nadinetje, the host for the Room with a view.

Herzlich, Ariane hat gesagt…

During sex, what gives a girl maximum pleasure?

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