Mittwoch, 2. März 2016

ART TUTORIAL - create an organic mixed media collage

Material (von Boesner)

Gesso: Guardi Gesso
Farben: Caran d'ache Gouache
Stifte: Faber Castell PITT artist pen
Klebe: Amsterdam Gel medium matt

+ Alte Papiere

link zum video wie man Skizzenbuch vorbereitet, falls ihr dieses video noch nicht gesehen habt: Tutorial for 7 amazing and easy sketchbook pages 
Wenn Euch das Video gefallen hat und Ihr mehr sehen wollt, dann folgt meinem Youtube-Kanal, damit ich Euch weiter motivieren kann und teilt auch gern dieses Video, damit mehr Leute es sehen.



Gesso: Guardi Gesso
Paint: Caran d'ache Gouache
Pens: Faber Castell PITT artist pen
Glue: Amsterdam Gel medium matt

Old Paper Scraps

link to video how to prepare sketchbook pages in your art journal, if you haven't seen it:
Tutorial for 7 amazing and easy sketchbook pages 
If you liked this video please subscribe to my youtube channel that I can keep you motivated and share this video that even more people can watch it.


3 Kommentare:

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

hi bee'tje, i hope you spend a wonderful day today. i was thinking of you as i was shopping for errands and how lovely it was to have talked to you this morning. so, i watched you edited video just now. i'm sharing it on FB, like i said. loss geht's! ;))) :

"your voice is soft and sweet, and just lovely to listen to.

adding the extra info in english is so thoughtful, i really like the editing, you've a dab hand at it, barbara, the speed is just right, it urges the viewer on to keep on looking, which is what you want.

its lovely you edit the music loud and next quieter, when your voice comes on again, which creates a wonderful expectancy curve. i really like your artistic explanations, it gives so much insight in why you are doing what you are doing, and that helps the viewer so. i think the speed of the video also shows how the artist can feel freedom while creating a page, which is your ultimate aim.

now make sure you share your video on as many german channels as possible too, please!"

hi, yumi!

ps - i can well imagine the labour (of love) that has gone into the making of your video. way to go, barbara, and good luck in the teaching department!! till soon, n♥ X

mano hat gesagt…

ich komm nochmal mit mehr zeit wieder...

mano hat gesagt…

so, endlich...
gefällt mir sehr! nicht zu lang, mit guten beschreibungen und deine stimme ist wirklich sehr sympathisch und angenehm. und von stocken oder versprechen keine rede. wirklich super! dieses video hat mir bisher am besten gefallen!
lg, mano

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