Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

drawing challenge "Sixes and Sevens"

Hello my beautiful Co-Creators!

Time to participate in a drawing challenge again and if asked by my dear friend Nadine I could hardly resist. I have no idea if there is a hidden meaning about the theme "Sixes and Sevens" and if so, I have no clue, but those numbers are quite interesting.


In the bible world is built in 6 days, in buddism there are 6 areas of life, in german schools the worst school grade is 6 and in nature hexagonal forms are quite common for example in honeycombs and snow and iceflakes and insects have 6 legs soooo there are many sixes around in this world.


Seven is an even more interesting number...
We not only have 7 days of the weeks and its the first prime number but is often considered as a lucky number (but not in asian tradition) there are seven dwarfs living behind seven mountains we have the seven wonders of the world again the creation myth and in our solar system 7 sightable wandering stars and on and on

Phew that was a lot...

... but I thought I just show 7 new pages in my art journals instead 

left page is new and right side an old one

left: new page - right side: old page

these wonderful old family pic is from lovely Carole Reed! - thanks a lot!

For more inspiration and posts please visit Nadines' blog!!

Have fun and don't forget to bee inspired!
barbara -busy- bee

P.S. Please don't miss my latest video of wonderful underwater world!

12 Kommentare:

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

barbara, i like how you work your pages at different moments in time, it seems, since you indicate 'new' and 'old' pages... the contrast in those not only felt by you, i'm guessing, but also viewed by us. i'm so happy for you you stay true to your collage pages, it is a sure way to hang in and hold on. i've started a sort of journal myself, considering each past week on a sunday night and (mainly) stamping in just two pages. i'll show some soon, in a future post.
i know you also suggested a skype. let me get through my full time job (end of feb) and we'll skype first week of march, if you don't mind? i'm just so breathless and i want to be perky when we babble.
thxs for playing!! the aquarium shots are special. you really love your waterworld! it's the source of inspiration to so much of your art! n♥

Tammie Lee hat gesagt…

it is so interesting to consider these numbers, thank you for those facts.
lovely to see your journal pages, images that catch your eye mixed with your artful expression.

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

I am inspired by you, Bee, of course! What a wonderful artist you are! You are sparkling like a never ending source of expression... I am wondering, where do you take those power and discipline for your great collages and videos and drawings a.s.o. as we find here for 6 and 7?! Fantastic!
After work, last week in my Zwischenzeit, I did a short stop at Jerwitz to buy some of the sepia ink (I have only black at home), you know? Catel? Your video after the exhibit? I'd like to use it at the Tropenhaus for drawing together with you, Hon. Next Friday! Yay!
Herzlichst, Ariane

tanïa hat gesagt…

Ich bin sehr beeindruckt. Was für eine Vielfalt und Kreativität, und vor allem: Produktivität! Die Collagen sind alle phänomenal, aber wenn ich einen Liebling verraten soll, dann ist es die gehörnte Lügnerin. Die mag ich ganz besonders!
LG Tanja

Unknown hat gesagt…

Squeeeeeeeeeee I love your art dear BarbaraBee! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee again! Numbers do have interesting meanings that we have given them over the course of time. They are important to us all. Love your journal, and as your work place...your photography skills in showing it to us use light so well. Hugs, N, x

CERULEAN hat gesagt…

That's really a nice insight into your daily journals! - eric

Veronica Roth hat gesagt…

Hello Miss Bee! Those are fantastic pages in your book. I love your creativity with the collage. That's something I think I haven't developed. Must do more collage. :D
PS. I like being at your sixes and sevens so SO much more than the traditional British beliefs. :D Big hugs.

mano hat gesagt…

ein einblick in deine skizzenbücher ist immer ein hochgenuss! danke, dass du uns daran teilhaben lässt! ich finde die "lügnerin" auch ganz große klasse!!
danke für deinen kommentar zu gustav - ich hab mich riesig darüber gefreut!!
lg, mano

Lucia hat gesagt…

Ach, so schön bunt hätte ich es in meinen Skizzenbüchern auch gern. Ich glaube, deine Seiten sind genau das, was ich als Motivation brauche, um meine schwarz-weiße Komfortzone zu verlassen. Danke.
Die Gestalten 2015/16 sind köstlich...
Viele Grüße von Lucia

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

Hi Barbara.
While thinking what comments to read I looked at the last photo and recognized the people in it right away. You are welcome. Nice to see it being used.

You have a marvellous way with collage. Using humour, passions and colour. The woman with antlers makes me chuckle. Oh the lies a day can bring!

Both 6 and 7 really are interesting when counted up and listed here. Thank you.

Have a great week.

annton hat gesagt…

dear barbara, I love all of your collages, but the "heute schon gelogen" page, just hit me right in the heart. marvelous! greetings from berlin

Sabine hat gesagt…

Schöne neue und alte Seiten in Deinem art journal! LG Sabine

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