Sonntag, 22. November 2015

drawing challenge "CALM"

This weeks drawing challenge is tributed to the theme "CALM"
from our lovely host Veronica.

While I'm sitting here thick fluffy snow flakes fall from the sky
and this feels for me calming. 

The world gets a little more quiet  and calm with snow and it reflects
more light on a grey winter day which is especially welcome
after all this damn grey nasty rainy days!

But this wasn't what I initially wanted to contribute to the theme.
I guess we all suffer of to much distraction from outside, not only
bad political news, but also all this plings, tweets and zirps all
day long around us.

Sometimes it really drives my crazy and still I feel addicted and
I know I have to reduce it for not losing my conection to
my true inner self - I hardly can remember who that was.
Therefore bought a new sketchbook (and here the same: do I
need another sketchbook? Certainly not!) and a small watercolor
box and  started to draw/paint this little birds to keep my mind
focused on something beautiful and nature related and hopefully
calm my distracted mind and get more focuse again.

So keep calm and draw on and don't forget to Veronicas' site and
find all the other beautiful contributions.

Wish you a nice sunday
barbara - busy - bee

11 Kommentare:

Astridka hat gesagt…

Ach, wie schön, liebe Barbara! Die Schneeflocken, aber noch mehr deine Vogelbilder ( ich lieb sie ja sehr....).-
Haben dir gestern ein bisschen die Ohren geklingelt? Wir haben bei unserem Minibloggertreffen beim Kunstkisten bauen an dich gedacht bzw. von dir gesprochen. Du hast einfach in unserem kreis gefehlt....

Veronica Roth hat gesagt…

Despite the cold, that snowy garden looks so beautiful and calm. And you know I love the birds. I'm so happy I've for a fellow bird loving artist friend. :D

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

now that calms me
it makes the world softer en more quiet....

i like your birds
(ofcourse i do ;^))
making always calms me
for reminding me
to make more time
to make


Silke Powers hat gesagt…

Ach, wie schön!! I have always loved how snow makes the world suddenly so quiet and calm. Your little watercolor birds are simply exquisite!! I'm glad I found your blog!! xoxo Silke

Tammie Lee hat gesagt…

when i see snow, something in me calms, like your lovely photos.

your birds are all quite charming. I enjoy seeing them. I hope to practice making birds too.

yes, there is so much around us to distract....

Renee Dowling hat gesagt…

A very calm scene from your studio window has allowed you to find inner peace and create these well painted birds! Well done! Thank you for sharing!

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Ja, that kind of tweets are truly sweet, dear Barbara!
Beautiful painted! So vivid. I can hear them.
The snow today was very calming and fits so well to our dc, right?

Time for a trip to Italy via Galerie der Gegenwart on a Friday in December?
Ariane. Rose

Roxi H hat gesagt…

Your snow scene is so good. What a great view. Very peaceful. I love your birds.

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

your 'winter' garden!! oh my gosh look at that snow effect... snow calms me right down too, al that white, all of a sudden, like someone just paints all the sorrow out!...

your bird collection is discernibly growing! i get this feeling there's no stopping you on the tiny pearls of beauty we now have to miss for a while. you make 'em pop off the page, so real are they... n♥

Miss Herzfrisch hat gesagt…

Liebe Barbara,
manchmal ist ja einfach schön, den Flocken zuzusehen, wie sie tänzeln und landen und sich dann eine Stille über die Landschaft legt.
Deine Vögel gefallen mir gut ... bin gespannt, wer noch in deinem Skizzenbuch landet
Herzliche Grüße

mano hat gesagt…

ich mag deine vogelbildnisse so gern - auch als du sie im stickrahmen hattest. einfach nur toll! ja, du hättest in köln dabei sein sollen!!
liebe grüße von mano

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