Samstag, 23. Mai 2015

dc Frida

Our lovely Patrice is our host for this weeks drawing challenge
and the very intruiging theme is Frida (Kahlo).

This most incredible woman invented a today so called 
"signature look" with her mexican folklore inspired style
with lots of colors and flowers in her hair and sometimes neck.

Together with her "look" and her eyebrows you can recognize
her even if you don't see andy face or else anymore.

So I erased everything but her iconic style elements and its
still works.

For this piece I replaced the flowers with colorful bugs and moth
and I think it looks even so good.

And now an old (and unknown) family member turned into
a Frida fan.

Not to forget to mention the incredible film with an amazing
Salma Hayek as Frida. The film is listed in the category
romance and comedy and sometime I wonder if those people
ever watched this movie because I would put into drama.
Because she turned her pain into incredible artwork that's for
sure but I wouldn't want to exchange with her, because of so
much suffer and pain. She paid a high price for her art career.

I can highly recommend this film but it is no easy stuff!

I wish you a wonderful long and sunny weekend!
barbara (busy) bee

10 Kommentare:

renilde hat gesagt…

dear Barbara, i love what you show us here, so very clever and beautiful and ofcourse!! that's Frida.
i'm sure she would have loved the hair decoration you made for her, very fine and delicate, your unknown family member would made have heads turn walking around like that, her soft face looks even softer with the lovely crown.

i do have that film on dvd , i'm going to watch it again as soon as i have the time and the house for myself ;) xx

joanne hat gesagt…

Yes I completely agree! She re-created herself, I have been looking through her wardrobe and am just confirmed in my belief that she was determined to be more than her pain!
I love her for it!

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

Oh those eyebrows! So recognizable. I love what you did with them, Barbara.

LOVE your bug and moth head piece both on Frida and the unknown family member. I imagine if your "unknown family" member was to walk down the street in you head piece she would have been nabbed by the men in white coats.

Happy weekend to you too. xo Carole

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

you're inventive on the iconographic qualities of character, and you're right of course, frida kahlo's trademark is completely recognizable even without facial features... i did love that movie so, and since it is painful indeed, i find it difficult to watch it again. how much pain can one take, and she did take it, and made it better... woman power... n♥

Sabine hat gesagt…

Ja - unverkennbar Frida! LG Sabine

Lucia hat gesagt…

Liebe Barbara,
erstaunlich: sofort erkennt man Frida. Eine Ikone - jawohl.
Danke. Auch für deinen Kommentar. Im Film gibt es übrigens eine Szene, in der die Inspiration zu dem "Wannengemälde" vorkommt.
Herzliche Grüße von Lucia

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

that first image
is on my wall in my studio ;^))
and it's true
only flowers and the eyebrows
and you 'see' Frida

loved that movie
her strenght
her will to live
maybe i should watch it again

i like your headpiece
it looks fine on Frida
and others too

thanks for joining

annton hat gesagt…

a very distinct idea, dear barbara. and it does work. for frida's pain, believe she made no decision to get over that pain. she just did, as she couldn't do it any different way. that is what passion for life is, I strongly believe.

mano hat gesagt…

dein familien-frida-fan ist großartig!!!
liebe grüße, mano

Rostrose hat gesagt…

Ich bin mal wieder ein bissl bei dir rumspaziert - und bei Frida bin ich (natürlich) hängengeblieben ;o))
Hab eine schöne neue Woche!
Alles Liebe von der Traude

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