Dienstag, 31. März 2015

art video tuesday - Leonora Carrington: Britain's Lost Surrealist

Hello Renilde as I told you I thought this woman might be interesting for you. Hope you like it!

barbara bee

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renilde hat gesagt…

dear Barbara, i just watched the video, (fascinating eyes), i have to let it sink in for a while and watch it again.
i'll be back later, thanks so much,x

Die Zitronenfalterin hat gesagt…

Was für eine verzauberte Welt - eine grandiose Künstlerin. "It's a visual world" Recht hat sie.
Liebe Grüße

renilde hat gesagt…

yes Barbara, i find it very 'easy' to look at her work, that world of her feels familiar to me.
she claims it's a visual world and one can't deny ofcourse,it is a visual world full of concepts.
maybe she doesn't want to talk about what is exactly there, she doesn't want to explain her work because her language is the visual language, it's up to the viewer what she/he wants to see, to feel, to experience.

after watching the video again, i looked up some of her work, what struck me were all the animals, (doglike creatures) in her work, lately dogs do appear in my work too, one day they were there ,suddenly,
but ' this is not a dog' ;)

thanks again, looking at her work was interesting and a fine experience, x

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

Thank you Barbara for posting this video. Carrington's works need not be forgotten.

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

the new DC-theme is up
i am hosting
are you in?....

mrs.columbo hat gesagt…

hallo barbara! was hab ich verpasst, wieso ist hier alles anders? posts in english, keine great women posts mehr ...
bitte klär mich auf!
lieben gruß, susi

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