Sonntag, 21. September 2014

drawing challenge - second hand

For the first time Joke  from Spiegel-Beeld ist our host for this weekends
drawing challenge with the very welcome theme SECOND HAND.

For a frenetic flea market goers like me  the theme 2nd hand  
is a clear self-perpetuating thing.
Because second hand is nearly everywhere...

for example in the hallway
(click to enlarge  all pics, if you like to have a clearer look)

or in the living room

And of course this is only a small part of the actual disaster!

This year I had given me a certain amount of fleamarket-ban, and often had no
time anyway, but the few times I was there, I have of course added properly!

Even a giant brain cell, cause of such you can never have enough!

 and very rarely old photos for collages

and I'm always happy to find nice rings, but sometimes a particular one
is made for another woman, so it changed owners. Sigh.

But before you liquefies in pity for my generosity
I can only say this is very unnecessary,  
it's not the only ring I've ever found!
From necklaces and bracelets not even talking here.

I hope you had fun to observe all my finds, as I had collecting them for this
theme with which I had a lot of fun. And do not miss to go to Joke to
see the other entries!

Wish you a nice sunday

13 Kommentare:

CERULEAN hat gesagt…

Nice to see how your second hand finds all get their own place in your house. - eric

diefahrradfrau hat gesagt…

Ach, ist das schön, in deinen Schätzen zu stöbern! Ich komme viel zu selten auf Flohmärkte - aber wenn, dann komme ich auch kaum wieder weg ...
Liebe Grüße

Unknown hat gesagt…

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I've changed the wrong blog in the right one. Nice!!!!! pictures, love the photo's. Old stuff, you can't get enough of it, eighter can I...

Tammie Lee hat gesagt…

so much fun
my home is also full of second hand things
why not! and so much fun.
great to see all your peaks of second hand!

Veronica Roth hat gesagt…

Lol, your home looks like mine with a big mix of children's, friends' and flea market "donations". Love it. Love how you broke it all down with the arrows and labels; so nice to see. Also, those are some fabulous rings Barbara! :D Big hugs for a wonderful week!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi, Barbara - I love how you used text and arrows to identify the treasures in your house!
Happy week, sus

Miss Herzfrisch hat gesagt…

Liebe Barbara,
ich mußte gerade sehr lachen...das ich genau den gleichen Schrank habe und über deine tollen Flohmarktschätze...das hätte mein Einkauf sein können. Stimmt davon kann man nie genug haben...
Herzliche Grüße und eine schöne Woche

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

i made tiny notes on my pad, as i loitered through your images, bee. because i could say alot about all these goodies.. which i will... ;)))

i can't even remember those waxine light holders you seem to have thrifted here??

you ebay furniture looks absolutely stunning, by the way. and that fynn creation of when he was six? so beautiful, what a treasure to a mother's heart... i like your vintage writing apparel too, it is what most reminds me of belgian flea markets, but it could mean i am a sucker for old pens and paper materials... your first and second hand magic (the ring) is so fetching. i swoon over that ring, and also over the word play.

i think you dress up your house in a most friendly, vintaged and welcoming way! what a nice show!! thank you.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Those ebay furniture are incredible...lovely second hand findings!

Patrice A. hat gesagt…


totally as i imagine your home would be and look-like
this theme fits you so, so well


mano hat gesagt…

großartig, du bist echte eine flohmarktqueen!
diese dc hab ich total verpasst, aber ich hätte ja eh keine zeit gehabt. es gibt heute noch fotos aus dem druckhaus!
liebe grüße von mano

BunTine hat gesagt…

Tolle Flohmarktfunde...einmal mir Dir durch den Flohmarkt wühlen wäre cool, hätten bestimmt eine Menge Spaß;)
♥Kerstin (schon nach 3 Tagen etwas Wiesngeschädigt;)

tanïa hat gesagt…

Was für Schätze! Ich könnte so einige davon klauen, liebe Barbara, aber zum Glück platzt meine Bude schon aus allen Nähten! ;-))

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