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This weekends theme given from our fabulous Patrice is NUDE.
I like to show you this old nude painting I made in 1997 after an 
black and white photo of Horst P. Horst.

photo Horst P. Horst

As you can see I changed the image section a bit and the curtain to the other
side and all in warm oriental colors. This painting I sold in 1997 as we moved
from Hamburg to Wiesbaden and had a bunge of interested people in our flat to
rent it.  So only one couple could rent the flat and another decided to buy this
painting instead. This was a very nice story because both of them wanted to buy
it for the other as a gift and surprise for their wedding anniversary because they 
knew the other would love it. Isn't that totally cute and awesome!

For those of you in the mood to paint some nude paintings the book of 
Günter Rösler is one with really nice photos as a template highly suitable.

Don't forget to fab Patrice for more creative NUDEs to see.

14 Kommentare:

Astridka hat gesagt…

Oh, eine Odaliske!
Es erinnert mich an meinen Aktzeichenkurs in den ersten Semester an der Werkkunstschule, da gibt es auch noch eine uralte Mappe mit Zeichnungen. Konnte mich nie von ihnen trennen...

Unknown hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing your painting and its wonderful love story, Barbara. -sus

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

what a cool story Barbara! I love his work and that photo is really lovey- your interpretation came out beautiful- I can see why it got scooped up :)

Leena hat gesagt…

Hi Barbara, that is a wonderful story, made me smile.. and the painting is warm and sensual, thank you, Leena

Tammie Lee hat gesagt…

so enjoyed the story of your beautiful painting!

Carole Reid hat gesagt…

Hi Barbara, Painting from a black and white photo is a challenge. Beautifully done! What a sweet story to go along with it. I hope you have a joy filled sunny week. xo Carole

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

you know? as with the painting of the fruit you showed us a few months back, i actually really appreciate your classic stuff as well. the softones here make it an eye catcher, i can imagine this sold gold. n♥

Unknown hat gesagt…

great painting! I like the colors and the curves and what a great story to go with it. What a compliment for you! And that book looks great, maybe I look it up, I like that sort of books ;-)

Unknown hat gesagt…

BarbaraBee! What a painting. What a sold painting. I loved hearing this feel-good story. That painting has nice karma due to your hand in making (creating) it! I completely adore the colors you used in that striped coverlet she is lying on. Brilliant work as always.
*smiles* Norma, x
p.s. that book of nudes is certainly inspiring. Beauty.

Veronica Roth hat gesagt…

Hi Barbara, that's a lovely story and a lovely painting. I must confess I was looking at photos for this challenge too. I love the work of Sally Mann and especially her Immediate Family series. Love the translucent skin in B&W. :D

Sally Tharpe Rowles hat gesagt…

Love the story & the painting.....& the lovely photos....this is so different from what I know of your work....nice to see another' side!

tanïa hat gesagt…

Was für ein tolles Bild und was für eine noch viel schönere Geschichte dazu! Wunderbar, dass es nun irgendwo hängt und jemanden erfreut, noch dazu mit solch emotionalen Verknüpfungen. Wenn es nicht schon verkauft wäre, hätte es sich auch wundervoll im Arbeitszimmer meiner Mutter gemacht... ;-)

CERULEAN hat gesagt…

I think a painting is not really finished until it has found a good destination. You couldn't have wished a better one! Eric

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

how could i have missed this post?
love the story
and admire your painting!

a little late
but THANK YOU for joining!
Patrice A.

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