Sonntag, 18. August 2013

DC Bed + Board

 Our lovely Ariane invited us to this weekends drawing challenge "Bed & Board" and at 1st it didn't speak to me at all and than to much, which isn't really unusual for me. That often ends in feeling of beeing totally mentally overwhelmed and visibly nothing done and in the end coming up with an clipping of all the wild rabbits of thoughts running around in my head or was it bed? 
I can't remember...

Don't miss to go to Arianes wonderful and always inspiring blog to see all the other participants on that theme!

The only constant in life is change, which applies particularly to the table indoors and outdoors
here's a collection of the changing seasons.

And sometimes you go on travel and take your bed and board with you or been invited by a "stranger" who becomes a very good friend! Thanks to you for your kind and exceptionally hospitality dear Nadine!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Cindi hat gesagt…

I love the shot of the dog and person in the shade of the car. It's not so hot here any more, so no lying about unless we want to get rained on. Fun collection of photos. :-)

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

ha! but you are so very welcome, b! and look at your panoply of bed & board, of which you have seen plenty this summer. lovely to find a few familiar scenes here above too.
i know what you mean about ideas flowing and in the end getting stuck on a clipping... it reminds me of school tasks as well, too long the dreamy girl, then all of a sudden... ka-boom.
ps - and i can alos see my bl** glasses!!!!!!! aaararrgghghghhg. ;))))

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

oooh, your travel-B&B, dearest Barbara ;)
love it to discover Nadeschda and your sweet family... and your garden!
Thank you for the photos of your beautiful home... your 'Bed & Board' sign... sehr einladend :)

Thank you for playing despite the wild rabbits running around in your head... or bed! Gelungen!

Bis bald, Freitag geht klar :)
xo Ariane.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hee Hee! I think that is an elegant font, Barbara. Good photo collages, too, and I am with Cindi, the dog-pillow photo is so sweet.
xxoo, sus

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

wonderful collection- I really like seeing the indoor outdoor tables and so forth in changing seasons- it's all so lovely! and taking them with you is a treat too :)

Unknown hat gesagt…

thank you for your visit on my sides. glad to find you and now I`ll stay for a while :-). sabine

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

what a fine post
and Nadine is in there too!
and i am sorry i am so late
a spinning head full of ideas ;^)))

Patrice A.

tanïa hat gesagt…

How nice bead and board shine through the letters! Und Deine Fotos! Ich musste sie mehrfach mit den Augen abscannen, so viele Details sind darin zu entdecken! Auch mein Favorit ist das Hundekissenbild. Klar. ;o)

My belated bead & board is finally done, too. See you later in nature! ;o)

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