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dc SMELL - fragrant - odor

Did you know that even some airports have a certain smell? Nice for example, I guess it's a mixture of fresh croissants and coffee and boganville or something, I can't tell exactly, but I love it.
But the most incredible for me is for sure  the airport of Denpasar/Bali, you get out of the plain and there is this incredible fragrant of exotic flowers all over the place and you feel instantly relaxed and wonderful

 ... and all these herbs and scents on the market 

and the story how a met this guy Tim at the airport, the plane was broken and they drove us for the night to a 5 star hotel (yipeeh) and we were talking so much that we sharing a room together (some sort of invite some stranger for tea) smoking Kretek an indonesian cigarette with gloves in it, which gives them a very special smell and taste. And and whenever smell that again (which I havn't for years), it immediately reminds me of Bali and this incredible story and even as a long-non-smoker now, I might even give it a try, only to conjure up these memories again.

 it was on the way to Australia... and if I think of Australia the fragrant of jasmin and gardenia comes to my mind and when ever I find one of these flowers I have to buy them or at least poke my nose there and take a deep breath... because Australia was a blast and I had so much fun

 here with Greta in Perth.

 Another smell I really love is the smell of a baby, this lovely milky incredible baby taste

here combined with chlorine - also a smell of summer, sunshine and fun.

and I could easly find a hundred stories more about smell but I still want to leave a few left over for you.

I can't wait to see what you're coming up with.

The participants this week are:

P.S. I'm so sorry that the link didn't work, I've done them already, but something went wrong. SORRY. Hope it'll work now!

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roberto M. hat gesagt…

Barbara! I was there!! Denpasar, Kuta, Ubud!
the flowers are Frangipani!
and the perfume of the offerings, with flowers and rice on every door!
condiments and meals!
oh, that's smell
thanks for reminding me! :)))))))

Kim Henkel Creations hat gesagt…

I too was in that part of Bali! Yes wonderful smells! I loved seeing the offerings all over.
I would love to join in the drawing challenge this week ... I just finished my creation and am off to post it to my blog now.
Thanks for hosting and for the theme - it was a challenging one!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Holy cow girlfriend these memories are wonderful. I wish that one day I can go to Bali in person. It is just magnificent. Your post is magnificent. Such a treasure trove of memories you have. This was a fun theme to work with. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with. Talk soon, love Norma, x

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Wonderful smells, wonderful memories.
It's sad that so many of my 'smell memories' are of bad smells!

Unknown hat gesagt…

I can almost smell it, just looking at your pictures! Thank you for sharing such wonderfull moments of your life. Smell has so much to do with memories!

Stefanie Seltner hat gesagt…

ein Wahnsinnsthema, liebe Barbara, I was collecting smells the whole week long!
So nice to share these moments of your live, I can smell you in the pictures, too!
Thank you x Stefanie

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Ya, dear Barbara,
I can smell it through your pics! and ya, I love it too, that special smell of arriving in an country, this fragrance which funnels against one... wonderful together with warmth :)
Never been to Bali... but you make me mouth-watering!

And a Baby... mmmh.

Thanks and Love, my dear friend.

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

all the memories and smells
never been to Bali
but Australia, YES!
and the head of a baby on the day it is born

thank you fot this theme
and a happy weekend!
Patrice A.

nadine paduart hat gesagt…

oh, your smells...!
you were a happy travelin' girl, weren't you? when you sum up your adventures in different places like that, yes, i can smell them too. i think it's amazing how we build up a whole storage cupboard of odours to get our memory going. smelling is so important after all...

Unknown hat gesagt…

I never travelledso far...but I love smell travel...those to just toasted bread, those to market, to flowers or my favorite, just wet land, or rain coming....
I would love that kind of travell...

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

So exotic!! Barbara I'd love to go and am imagining what it must smell like, the quality of the air- thank you for coming up with this theme and sharing these pics. so cool! :)

Sue Hutchen Lay hat gesagt…

I love your post, I can practically smell it. Thanks for a fun challenge!

mano hat gesagt…

dein geruchsgeschichten haben in mir so viele erinnerungen an gerüche und düfte hervorgerufen. noch heute, nach 30 jahren bin ich bei dem seifengeruch von "sebamed" sofort auf einem campingplatz in der vendee in frankreich und beim duft von bärlauch radele ich in gedanken IMMER als studentin einen kilometerlangen weg in einem wald bei göttingen längs...
ein schöner post!

BunTine hat gesagt…

Wow, ein wirklich toller Duftmix hier bei dir !

Unknown hat gesagt…

I love these memories, Barbara, and those airplane and travel smells: reminds me of getting off the jet in Hawaii after flying all night from Alaska in February and that heavenly, warm, flower-scented humid air. MMMMM! Great challege!

Stefanie Seltner hat gesagt…

sweet bee, darf ich Dich zum nächsten d.c. einladen?
wär mir eine Ehre!
x Stefanie

tanïa hat gesagt…

Liebe Barbara,
Ich war nie auf Bali, aber ich weiß haargenau was Du meinst. Each country has its own smell, the more exotic the more intense. Your story of spending the night with a stranger made me upset. This was nearly exactly the story of a film I saw on TV with my mother last time I visited her. It's just a few weeks ago. The name of the film was "Jet Lag" with Juliette Binoche and Jean Reno. Sehr lustig, wie ähnlich sich die Geschichten sind!

Liebe Grüße und danke für diese tolle Challenge!

renilde hat gesagt…

dear Barbara,your theme was on my mind the past week each time i smelled something.
and here oh such a wonderful happy post, full of sunshine and flowers, friendship and having fun, tenderness...yes it's incredible how a hint of a particular smell opens that memory box and brings back the past,xx

...tatjana... hat gesagt…

hallo schönheit. hab gerne hier geschnuppert. hört sich kitschig an, aber wirklich: der duft von freude ♥

die antwort auf deine mail kommt noch...

herzgruß ♥ tatjana

objects of whimsy hat gesagt…

Im still working on my smell Barb not finished yet but I hope soon. Have been too busy for anything fun such as blogs. But things will ease up soon then I can finish all the DCs that I want to do.

Loved your stories of smells and gardenias are mmmmmmm! for me the flower I love best is the frangipani that reminds me of the enormous frangipani my Gran grew by her front door the smell signals arrival for me.

Take Care
Helen x

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