Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

Treehouse (Hotel)

Found this amazing treehouse hotel Baumhaushotel Solling which is located in germany -  is'n it absolutely great - you can stay/sleep up there, I would love to do so with my son - unfortunately they're fully booked for this summer already, but maybe next year.

this one must be especially for Ariane!

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Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Liebste Barbara,
das ist ja großartig! Ins Castle würde ich natürlich gleich einziehen wollen :)
Und es ist ja gar nicht so weit weg von Hamburg... Träume können wahr werden!
Thank you very much! Dreams will comes true!


Carole Reid hat gesagt…

My gosh wouldn't it be fun to spend a night in one of the treehouses you posted here today, Barbara!

Patrice A. hat gesagt…

and not far from Hamburg
I want to go there!

great, great link
thank you!

renilde hat gesagt…

yes Barbara, they look amazing, an experience to wake up there or gaze at the night sky, which one to choose:) xx

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

I LOVE this place! Would love to go there.

red-handed hat gesagt…

These things are always amazing.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Thank you for showing us this treasure Barbara! This would be so glorious to stay here. I would be too excited to sleep I'm sure. It's so great! *smiles* Norma

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