Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

How to be an artist

stay loose.
learn to watch snails.
plant impossible gardens.
invite someone dangerous to tea.
make little signs that say yes!
and post them all over your house.
make friends with freedom and uncertainty.
look forward to dreams.
cry during movies.
swing as high as you can on a swingset, by moonlight.
cultivate moods.
refuse to be "responsible“.
do it for love.
take lots of naps.
give money away.
do it now.
the money will follow.
believe in magic.
laugh a lot.
celebrate every gorgeous moment.
have wild imaginings, transformative dreams, and perfect calm.
draw on the walls.
read every day.
imagine yourself magic.
giggle with children.
listen to old people.
open up.
dive in.
be free.
bless yourself.
drive away fear.
play with everything.
entertain your inner child.
you are innocent.
build a fort with blankets.
get wet.
hug trees.
write love letters.

by Joseph Beuys

8 Kommentare:

swinkie hat gesagt…

very playful and what I call a little girlie.... so surprised it was written by Beuys. Thanks for sharing Barabara Bee

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Great advice for anyone

bambi kann beißen hat gesagt…

das hängt bei mir im büro :o)
meld mich im laufe des abends noch mal...


mano hat gesagt…

wunderbar, ich will jetzt sofort kichern. egal mit wem!
liebe grüße von mano

Ella hat gesagt…

absolutely wonderful! i love this post :)

Some Korean Website Highjacker hat gesagt…

this is so completely inspiring to me this morning, thanks for sharing Barbara! i was feeling in a bit of a funk and sometimes just some soft words trails leave enough breadcrumbs that i can follow them to where the magic exists too.

cheers and happy weekend! ♥

sarapirat hat gesagt…

this made my sunday morning! thank you for posting this! beebarbarabeebeebeeebebebebe. ♥

Unknown hat gesagt…

Dear Sandra, yes I didn't expect that either!

Dear Jane, I think one needs a playful interpretation from time to time.

Liebe Tatjana, was soll ich sagen: Es wird immer unheimlicher!

Liebe Mano, kichern und jemanden gefährlichen (fremden) zum Tee oder Kaffee laden, das ist es doch.

Dear Ella, thank you, I love this playfulness too.

Dear Lynn, you're absolutely right, for me it also everytime soothing if I find words like this, especially on crabby days.

Dear viking-sister, I'm glad you liked it and maybe we could add: hug virtual blog-friends!

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