Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Lines and Structures

As lovely Bambi started with here is my version of various line + structures collected with my camera lately.

9 Kommentare:

Joanna hat gesagt…

the artist eye always searching...:)

Christmas-etc... hat gesagt…

How neat! It's not something I often think about... I will look at the world in a different way now! Thanks!

mano hat gesagt…

super, was du alles entdeckt hast!

Tomoko hat gesagt…

Very crisp and modern!! It is always interesting to find something new through your eyes.
Have a great day!

Anna Vee hat gesagt…

All of these were lovely but pictures 3 and 4 were my absolute favorites. There's something about water and sand, how they work together to make all kinds of new lines, renewing endlessly. Beautiful!

sarapirat hat gesagt…

i like to find those connections.
great collection! did it stop raining?

swinkie hat gesagt…

can we have spotty things next!

Unknown hat gesagt…

i too like to see the patterns all around. here it is mostly agricultural lines from farming and fence lines.
fun to see out of your eyes!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Dear Joanna, yes I can't help it I see everywhere patterns, structures and all of that.

Dear Ann, to change perspective can be really amazing and freeing.

Liebe mano, danke für das Kompliment.

Dear Tomoko, for me its not new but normal, because its what I see everywhere, for me its more interesting to see, what others see - and I'm not.

Dear Ansku, yes that what fascinates me a lot while beeing at the ocean, its never boring for me.

Dear Sara sister, more or less, half day of sunshine and the next day totally dark grey, but without rain, which is an advantage - but you really have to remind yourself, that this is "summer".

Dear Sandra, I tried my very best ;)

Dear MP, welcome to my blog and I have to check out the patterns of your life!

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