Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Studio Spy

Do you know that if  something is on your mind like busy flies, that you get so obsessed and must return to the crime scene like any good criminal?

On my studio visit on saturday I couldn't take any pics from the outside, because the camera's battery was empty! I could not help it, I had to go there again this morning to find out how long I need to go there where I could walk with Yumi in the future and what impression it would make on the 2nd view.
All pics made with my old little camera - more spy like, sshhh.

OMG. I want it!

Althoug I can't imagine how to heat this space with the height without proper insolation and a heater of course. But isn't it kind of genius? And then the little balcony for the coffee break in between. Sigh.
And its hugh 6 x 10 meter! What leads to the next problem that I probably can't afford it.

new dog lane - here is also a camping site, if I don't find a new home, haha
this is it with the balcony
windows on both sides

love it! - around the corner
no insulation, but you could install a 2nd floor

5 Kommentare:

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Gosh I hope you get it! I was like this one about an old storehouse -- it was octagonal -- just one main big room with a warren of tiny rooms beneath. Alas in that case we didn't manage to get it and were really disappointed but now I look back and think maybe it was better that we didn't, but I'm never sure... Good luck.

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

OMG- it looks awesome!!! I hope it works out for you

sarapirat hat gesagt…

your idea is great, working there all togheter....
it is truly beautiful, good luck!

Julia da Franca hat gesagt…

was soll ich sagen liebe barbara,
das ist der helle wahnsinn, in JEDER beziehung, traumhaft schön und wahnsinn im aufwand um es benutzbar zu machen, das heizen wird die hölle usw. aber warum nicht!? wann soll man denn sonst wahnsinnig sein, wenn nicht jetzt?
also, glückauf und ran! deine julia

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hello Jane, yes sometimes its better to believe in faith and take things as the are - because you just never know. And of course this room is incredible, maybe it is better not to get it, because it costs you a fortune for heating.

Hello Kristen, thanks for your wishes, right now it looks good for me...

Yes Sara, all blog and viking sisters together would be so much fun whereever. Your place - sitting together at the ocean would be also great and eating your selfmade bread - how did it turn out?

Ja, liebe Julia, damit triffst du wohl den Nagel auf den Kopf!
Dämmung, Wasser- und Strominstallation und einen Holzofen reinstellen übernehmen die wohl, das ist ja schon mal super, anders könnte man es auch gar nicht mieten, das wäre wirklich der Wahnsinn. Aber ist es dann trotzdem noch so kalt wie in deinem Schweinestall? Das wäre dann kein Wahnnsinn mehr, sondern eher SCh.......!

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