Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Du sollst auch nicht Leben wie ein Hund!

There is a saying in Germany "You shouldn't live like a dog!" 
 Why? When I look at my dog like, I think he actually has a very happy life. The human forms so readily admit he was the crown of creation, and in the book "Bad Carma" (I have not read it, but it suposed to be very funny) is about what you are born again in the next life. So a dog's life might not be bad ...

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swinkie hat gesagt…

What brilliant photos!! I always dream about living as a pooch (and I am partial to cats lives too)..

Tomoko hat gesagt…

You took nice shots! Your dogs are very excessive! My family used to have a dog. He had a long life of 17 years. We were always being with him! It is impressive that you have beautiful blue sky.
Now is the best time in Japan too,but unfortunately sometimes yellow sands come and cover over the sky!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi Sandra, so nice to have you also back again... and I don't have any personal experierence, but they seem to be lazy, independent and free, which is great!

Dear redrose, thank you for your nice comment again. Wow 17 years is very old! What kind of kind of breed was it? And where does the yellow sand come from?

Camilla Engman hat gesagt…

Yes, it certainly looks like a good life! The only thing (and of course this is both good and bad) someone else is deciding for you - when to go out and not - what to eat and how much. But thinking that someone really cares for you maybe it would be nice... :)

So you bought a canon... I was chosing between a nikon d7000 or a canon 60d. Good luck!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Yes, Camilla, you're right, as a dog you're not completely free, but they often find their ways how to manipulate one ;) - and I bought the canon eos 550d because it she is not too expensive and hopefully good enough for my purposes!

Odile hat gesagt…

Hello Barbara, The camera works well, and the "little dog" has grown up!

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Marvellous photos. I specially like the one from just behind her head.

Julia da Franca hat gesagt… lifetime i would love to be a spoiled cat!
big weekend hug, julia

Tomoko hat gesagt…

I am glad to be back to your post!
Our dog was a half-breed yorkshire terrir. Our neighbor gave the dog to our family as he was a baby. He was aging. So, he was bedridden in our home for 6 months before his death. Our family has shared a good memory of him since then.

Yellow sands come from the big desert in China this time of year.
As I have a chronic desease asthma
I need a mask when I go out. So sad!
Have a nice weekend!

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Liebe Barbara,
na, Yumi gehts augenscheinlich bestens! Und dir hinter der Kamera wohl auch?

Erinnert mich an Elbe Dein Rhein...


Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi Odile, thanks - a few pics are from my old camera a panasonic lumix, which works well either and yes Yumi grows and grows.

Hello Jane, yes I like this one too, it looks so funny.

Dear Julia, I guess as a spoiled cat you've got the maximum of freedom and care and you go to your people, if you think that they have to stroke you again. Have a nice weekend too!

Hi redrose, poor yorkshire, it's always a tragedy if a dog dies because they give you so much love, which leads in good memories in the end which is good.
Sorry for you, that you have to wear a mask, very annoying I guess and I didn't expect chinese desert sand at your place!

Liebe Ariane, ja sieht sehr danach aus, dass Yumi ein ganz vergnügliches Hundeleben hat und ich manchmal mit ihr;) Wie gesagt, einige Bilder sind noch mit der alten kleinen Lumix gemacht.
Seit ich nah am Wasser wohne, fühle ich mich sehr viel wohler hier, denn mich erinnert der Rhein auch an die Elbe und die braucht man hin und wieder einfach.
Ich wünsch Dir ein schönes Wochenende - und keine Gurken essen! Alles liebe Barbara

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