Donnerstag, 14. April 2011


We startet to decorate some hard boiled eggs with "Shake it" you put the warm eggs in a cup with rize and color and shake it! If you like you can repeat it with an other color. And than we added some metallic lines with this sticks. That was pretty much fun and is to be continued!

And I found a abonded bird nest - what a great find! - and filled it with different type of eggs.
I have a whole collection of different eggs, which I love very much.

So much fun dyeing eggs with bright colors make, I'm more on the natural decoration. 


5 Kommentare:

Camilla Engman hat gesagt…

What a find!! Love your egg collection.

Your water is warmer than our wind ;)

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hello Camilla to sedate you, now it's become really cold here again and only max. 13 degrees!
Usually it is not so hot here this time of year.
And Yumi steals nearly every toy of my son and he has a big collection.

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

The rice makes such a beautiful texture. And I love the nest too - imagine the bird making such a clever structure just with its beak!

Sally Tharpe Rowles hat gesagt…

Beautiful eggs!! the colored ones & the natural ones... love them all!

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

once again what a great idea!! and such a great collection am envious ;)

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