Samstag, 26. März 2011

Hi, I'm back!

I was'nt sick or on vacation, but I've managed to erase my entire hard drive a week ago. My personal nightmare. Of course, we have learned (Japan), that there are far worse things, but to me it was enough. One might simply call  it "the 7 steps of the disaster." I should delete my complete hard drive to solve a problem, I should first do a back-up with a time machine, which I did.
In retrospect, it is inexplicable that I have not checked again what was on my external back-up hard drive before I deleted. We will likely never know and can only be recorded under "How stupid can one be!" Restoring the back-up drive brought me the state from June 2009!
I knew that deleted data is not necessarily lost completely, so I called - again - on the Apple Support to get help how to get the data back.Meanwhile, I have also learned that you should not always listen to the advice of so-called experts!I spare you all intermediate disasters, but come to the point where I used the recommended "Disk Warrior" which I now learned is not in a position to restore deleted files because he "only" finds and repairs structural problems. This program was absolutely nothing. 

Big THANKS to Apple Support at this point!
I had almost resigned to the fact that as a whole unplanned "new beginning" to look at a almost empty computer.Until I finally discovered on my own research on the internet "Data Rescue 3". This program is really awesome and if you stand yourself some time before the problem, I can only say: "buy".
I probably would still have saved a lot more data, if I would have used this programm in the first place, but at least I recovered a lot photos, etc. and I'm very, very happy. 
The loss of pictures of my last exhibition would be very terrible to me or from the last holiday in Tunesia, where we went into the dessert close to the Algerian border, where I will probably never go again!
Although it will take me days (or weeks) to sort all out, because this programm finds everything, every picture of every internetpage you ever been! (Can you image?)

From this I learned several things:
1. Look after yourself well, all that is valuable for you 

(people, animals you love and data that you need)

2. Do not trust blindly on advice from "experts", 

but check everything twice and three times before you act.

3. If you are in panic, wait until at rest and go slow and considered before (fast acting in combination with second point leads to even more chaos)

4. Enjoy life (it can change quickly)

I wish you a very pleasant and calm weekend. Take care!

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Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Oh my god? Where to start? You poor thing. And there's me thinking, 'Ah, how sweet, her little dog is keeping her away from her blog...'. I'm so sorry to hear about all this, and if it happened to me I'd be in despair. You sound pretty philosophical about it, all things considered.
I also could not bear to be confronted by all the rubbish I've checked out online, and trying to sift through it to find my own stuff -- awful.
I hope you feel computer-calm returning now. I missed you.

sarapirat hat gesagt…

those are true viking advices! they are really good and important to keep in mind.
first of all,
happy that you are back, i wondered were you are!
and wow, i always fear that, loosing all my pictures.
have fun organizing...

love, enjoy your weekend!

Joanna hat gesagt…

I like those photos. They are good illustration for Your story.
the main character is that Your son?:)regards

Unknown hat gesagt…

Thank you Jane, its nice to hear, that there are someone out there, who misses you - and beside the problems with the computer I spend a lot of time with my little puppy.
And the philosophical way is the only way not to turn totally crazy.

Thanks Sara, I'm still organizing, so maybe one day all my pictures are really organized and neatly stored away - but I'm so happy to have most of them back!

Joanna, yes the boy is my son. He did it just for fun and I liked the yellow with blue sky and take a lot of photos and after that it turned out to illustrate my story very well.

Some Korean Website Highjacker hat gesagt…

gasp! that's awful Barbara, i sure am glad to hear that a lot of it was retrievable though!!! my worst fear for sure, well like you say with what's going on in the world there could be much worse but still computer issues really cause my rosy composure to melt away but quick. and i love the pictures too, total enjoying life moments! ♥

pea ess: thanks for your comment about visiting my little blog, made my day

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