Freitag, 11. März 2011

All for free!!

Yesterday I was at the hardware store (Hornbach) and brought back wallpaper sample books  from last season. I asked in December  what they  do with the old books. They said that I could have them, that sometimes people from nursery school get some and that they are usually throw them away and I should ask in March again, when the new collection comes out. Fortunately, I remembered that yesterday! They had a range there, and I could choose as many as I wanted. I took "only " 8 and they weigh enough. But what ia absolutely blast! So many paper patterns and colors and all for FREE! I wanted to use them for collages for me and for my students because I do collage courses  soon and with all these papers we'll a lot of fun for sure!

So if you want them too, go NOW!

2 Kommentare:

BadPenny hat gesagt…

Oh these are fabulous - have fun using them !
Thanks for popping by - glad I made you laugh !

red road studio hat gesagt…

Isn't it great when you have a happy find! I use the ones I get with my art and design students for mood boards etc! I'm sure they'll start charging me soon! LOL! Jay

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