Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Its Showtime!

As you might image, we are rather distracted at the moment. Getting the dog house-trained is a real challenge, especially since its owners are still in the learning stage. But it will and she is a real sunshine!
AND we still could not decide on a name. Luna is not such a bad name, but a
friend told that every 2nd Dog here is name like that. Grrr.
With my two boys and me, there are always at least one that says NO.
And we had a lot of nice, funny and interesting names, to name a few:

Ginger or Amber (because of her colour), biscuit, cookie or muffin (because she is soo sweet), Amy, Ayla, Coco, Loulou, Aimee, Enya - all NO, right now we are more going for Yumi (which is japanese and means beauty) or Ivy and my son still is for Scruffy (which is more a boys name and difficult to pronounce, I think).
You see it is no end in sight.

Untitled from Barbara Böttcher on Vimeo.

4 Kommentare:

Joanna hat gesagt…

lovely and full of energy!:)

in one moment she peep at the camera like a real star;)

Himiko hat gesagt…

Dogs just have that loving look in their eye don't they? And your new puppy is no exception!

Joanna hat gesagt…

Hello Barbara
perhaps You already know this author and his book, if not check this--> John Fisher
"think dog", great book, I was reading this book when my dog was a puppy;)years ago...but I remember it was full of good advices.
have a nice day!

Unknown hat gesagt…

You both are right, her look is totally great and Joana, thanks for your tip, I didn't know him. I saw that it is a littlebit out of date, so I have to see, if I get a hand on it.

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