Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Time Travel

Archaeopteryx reconstructed

First of all I would like to thank you for your kind words about my exhibition. That made me very happy, especially the virtual flowers, which have the advantage that they do not wither.
As you could see the "busy" images, it was a great evening.

But as the saying goes: After the game, is before the game.

Therefore, I can relax and plan new paintings  and experiment  a little with new material and see what comes of it.

To collect new impressions, I was looking at the Natural History Museum in Mainz. Little dusty that store, but for a little time travel quite well.
Few pieces are housed in a former church, an impressive framework for quite a few stuffed zebras.

from outside

not quite sure what interest me more fish or stome pattern?

I liked this little "Zorro" bird

4 Kommentare:

mano hat gesagt…

deine ausstellungseröffnung war wohl sehr gelungen - zumindest sagen mir das deine fotos und worte. schön!
naturhistorische museen finde ich immer toll, besonders bei den dioramen drück ich mir immer die nase platt... zorro ist großartig!
da bin ich ja gespannt, wie du diese anregungen umsetzt.
sei gegrüßt von mano

Joanna hat gesagt…

almost like museum in Frankfurt;)
Two years ago, together with my husband we had a trip through the Germany.We visited Aalen (where my family live)Stuttgart (the great museum of Mercedes) Frankfurt(with great Stadel museum (Botticelli painting)) and Bochum (where my friend live) it was really nice trip:)
By the way- do You know that Janosch was born in Poland?20km from the place i live.:)
best regards

helicopter6 hat gesagt…

The zoro bird is indeed a beauty!! Aren't museum collections/displays so interesting. The decisions made, the considered poses, the spaces inbetween. So pleased you can start experimenting with new work.

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

so happy that you had a busy opening! Looked like a lot of fun! (so glad you liked the flowers- if only I lived a little closer I could have delivered them in person :)
PS- I think this is a fine place for these old zebra to reside...except for that poor one in the back facing the wall- not such a good view for him.
Enjoy the time to experiment and relax!

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