Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Close up

Extra on the request of my dear blogfriend Jane, here are some of the small mixed media works 
(15 x 15 x 3 cm) from my exhibition a littlebit bigger. These are here just finished in time. That means on Monday at 11 pm I finished them and on Tuesday, I went to the showroom!
There are several more, some very colorful and some with old family photos as well. 
If you like I could show some more.

About these new ones I particularly like that they reflect our intentions very well, that what we are all up to every day. 

Have fun and I hope you will have a nice, calm and creative day.


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Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for posting those, they feel really special and speak to me, specially the middle one. I think that's my head too! I've just bought an amazing German anatomy book (Zerlegbare modelle zu Dr F Konig's Ratgeber -- not quite sure what that means...) from, I think, the 1920s, with folding-out bodies showing layer after layer of skin, veins, bones, sinews, etc. Will try to get some images of it and post them.
Do post more of these if you can. I love them.

helicopter6 hat gesagt…

I love this series Barbara. The different layers, the simple palette (particularly like the impression of blue) and those wonderful images. Jane, that book sounds like a truly AMAZING find. Lucky you!

sarapirat hat gesagt…

i love this creative brain!
i wish mine would be only that and less worries...hahah, but who doesn't?

Kristen Donegan hat gesagt…

wow these are lovely- are they layered glass?? I'm totally intrigued!

mano hat gesagt…

die find ich aber mal wieder ganz, ganz beeindruckend, besonders das mittlere. ich hätte auch gern all das im kopf...
sind sie in einem kasten hinter glas? es schimmert und glänzt so matt davor und dahinter - ich würde sie gerne genauer betrachten - und gerne mehr davon sehen!

Some Korean Website Highjacker hat gesagt…

i feel so engaged by these and love the theme behind them. art affects people and i'm so happy you posted these because they are so intriguing. a mindfield of beauty, you are so talented! ♥

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi, Jane this book you're talking about sounds VERY interesting. Would love to have it too, because I love all sorts of anatomic drawings/illustrations etc. Looking forward to your posts about it. Zerlegbare Modelle means decomposable models, Ratgeber = guides.

Hi Helen, missed you here in blogland - welcome back! Loved all of your comments, especially about the drunken lorikeet. Haha.

Kristen no it no glass, its a self-developed technology with resin in a couple of layers to get it more 3-dimensional.

Hallo Mano wie schon bei Kristen erklärt, ist es kein Glas und eigentlich sind die eher hochglänzend und deshalb nicht so leicht zu fotografieren. Durch die verschiedenen Schichten haben sie ein bisschen was wirklich räumliches, was sie (finde ich jedenfalls) sehr interessant macht - auch aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln - von der Seite z.B.

Lynn thank you so much, you have such an intriguing blog (+ technic skills!) I really feel honored and blused!

mano hat gesagt…

danke für die erklärung - sie haben auf den fotos wirklich eine große räumlichkeit, deshalb dachte ich auch an einen kasten o.ä. - ganz tolle wirkung!

belinda marshall hat gesagt…

i like these ~ specially what's on the second one's mind :)
have a great weekend xx

swinkie hat gesagt…

love love these and yes post more. And congratulations again... all that work and I even got stressed at the mention of last minute work!!!!-the life of an artist!

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