Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Sketchbook P A N I C !!!

I discovered that I have only a little time left for my sketchbook for Arthouse.
AND I discovered that I have MANY pages to go, until it's filled. Eek!
I think if I could do 3 or 4 pages a day, it could work. Can I make it? I'm not so sure. Help!
NO time for excuses: WORK!

What's with you, any schedules you're falling behind? Arthouse books which still waiting to be filled, forgetten somewhere in the corner?

AND I recived my announcement cards (is this the right name?) for my next exhibition, which is pretty cool, if there wasn't as well the fact that I'm way behind my schedule. Which schedule? I should go and have one (quickly). Argh. Fear.

P.S. The Title above means something like_ Insight - Opinion
The guy I'm exhibt with is doing glas objects, so this title seemed appropriate to us.

So don't panic but have fun and a nice and creativ weekend and 3rd Advent!

8 Kommentare:

helicopter6 hat gesagt…

Sketchbook P A N I C indeed!! I have to work like a ferocious typhoon to complete mine in time!!!! (Does the fact that my word verification is 'fowls' mean anything???!!!)

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Best of luck with finishing your sketchbook (which is looking great). When I saw the project link on your blog I looked it up and I'm hoping to do it as well next time as it seems fantastic. First the bind-it-all, now the Sketchbook project -- I'm just a copycat.

Ariane Reichardt hat gesagt…

Na, dann ran! Und eine gute Welle, auf die Du rauf kannst und los geht's.
Ariane grüßt.

Julia da Franca hat gesagt…

...natürlich schaffst du das, deine arbeiten sind toll! also hirn aus und los...
war hier schon ein paarmal gerne zu besuch und habe mir "deinetwegen" auch so eine bindemaschine gekauft, warum bin ich da nicht von alleine drauf gekommen... hab vielen dank! julia

Joanna hat gesagt…

hello Barbara
i am understand You very well:)
but everything will be great, dont't worry.

what is the title of Your exhibition?

best regards

Unknown hat gesagt…

Thanks friends and panic companions for your encouraging words.

Helen I'm sure your sketchbook will be great even your theme feels like trying to catch a furious crowd of chickens. ;)
P.S. Don't forget the socks! Red.

Jane: If there is something to copy my blog seems not totally useless. You're always welcome.

Danke Ariane und Julia.
Ich freue mich immer neue (heimliche) Leser kennen zu lernen. Bin gespannt, was Du mit der Zutter machen wirst.

Joana: It means Insight and something like Opinion - its ambiguous.

swinkie hat gesagt…

Remember to breathe!!

ps I think I now have Zutter envy!!

mano hat gesagt…

hi barbara,
die 3D-sterne findest du unter .
auf der rechten seite findest du dann das tutorial für die sterne, nur anklicken!
ich bin auch nicht so eine basteltante, aber diese teile sind einfach zu schön und absolut leicht herzustellen.
viel spaß und lg, mano

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