Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

brain game

150 x 100 cm - 2006

Today I like to show  you an older painting, because I had a few thoughts with Julia about the spites and tricks of our brains.

And I thank you all very much for your comforting comments on my blog here. I don't wanted to complain - I want to complain about the sketchbook paper, but this will be another post - no it's only  what occurs if you have to many plans and ideas in exactly the same minute... the normal MADNESS! Nothing to worry about, but maybe not possible to do it all and it gets even harder, if you easily distracted by for example the allurement of the world-wide-wahnsinn (insanity), such as all your lovely and creative blogs where I like to look and where I realise that the planed 10 minutes turned into 2 hours. Which isn't fatal any more since I know whom to blame for ( Einstein).

Snow and SUNSHINE today- Yihaa!

even the birds made a funny face in the snow

So I hope you all will have a brain soothing weekend! What are you up to?

Have good time!

4 Kommentare:

Jane Housham hat gesagt…

Hi Barbara
I'm still working (ie doing my day job) but am doing it from home because of the snow, so it's not so bad.

Julia da Franca hat gesagt…

das hirnbild ist toll! wir teilen ja offensichtlich
auch das überflutungs"problem". wie schön!
lese gerade point zero von michele cassou, sie beschreibt spannende wege um diese hirnschwemme in hilfreiche kanäle zu leiten und man lernt gegen drachen zu kämpfen: den ergebnisdrachen, den kontroll- und den bedeutungsdrachen.
ziemlich interessant. darin werde ich weiter lesen und weihnachten verdrängen...
viele grüsse, julia

Joanna hat gesagt…

hello Barbara
i love Your painting.Great work!

( Barbara thanks for visiting my modest blog,You always cheer me up with Yours comments, it is very kind of You)

You ask about weekend- i am working as usual...

best regards

Ella hat gesagt…

that painting is fantastic!

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